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 End Of Awesomeness

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PostSubject: End Of Awesomeness   Mon Mar 25, 2013 12:33 am

[The arena is quiet when suddenly AWEEEEESOOOOOOOME!!! erupts and a theme begins to play as The Miz walks out from behind the curtain dressed in his ring attire along with a "Haters Love Me" t-shirt, and with a new unusual accessory, an eye patch. He stops on the stage bends over as he swings his arms behind him then slowly lifts them up in his vintage pose. He then spreads his arms out with a cocky grin on his face as he struts his way down the ramp, clutching his eye. He stops at the end of the barracade and backmouths some fans then runs toward the ring and slides up onto the apron, holding onto the middle rope and kicking his leg up as he sits in the corner of the apron in his usual pose. He then pulls himself up and climbs between the ropes.he then walks around the ring and puts one leg up on the middle rope, facing the crowd and puts his hand to his ear to take in the boos. He then spreads his arms out again posing before he demands a mic from the official and hops down, walking to the center of the ring. He then stands there and raises his mic to his mouth to speak.]

[He goes to speak and immediately the crowd erupts in a chorus of boos that fill the whole arena]

"Boo me all you want you pathetic pigs I honestly don't care anymore. I came here to XWI to spread my awesomeness until the place wreaked of it but the only thing that wreaks is the shitty losing streak I've been on since I came here. I have never EVER lost so much in my life let alone in a couple weeks in one place and I am done with cheaters like Daniel Bryan who pretend to be so high and mighty on the outside but on the inside they're just scared little men who are afraid to fail. But men like Daniel Bryan somehow come here and win nonstop. He has a winning streak to show for it and I just have loss after loss and I can't take it anymore. The Miz is in need of reality check. I seem to have lost my mojo and my awesomeness and now I need to figure out how to find it again so with that said I QUIT!!! I'm done with losing and I'm done with this place. Ta ta XWI, it was nice knowin ya."

[His anger seems to fade as he starts to laugh and speaks again]

"That's right mizfits of the world, I just quit because I'M THE MIZ AND I'MMMMMMM............"

[He pauses for a moment with his head arched backas he shouts at the top of his lungs]


[He brings his head down and looks directly into the camera with a cocky grin as he slams his mic down and exits the ring, stomping off down the aisle before disappearing behind the curtain as the camera fades to black.]


OOC: This isn't the last of Miz just a temporary vacation

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End Of Awesomeness
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