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 The Holy Grail deserves my Shoulder!!

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PostSubject: The Holy Grail deserves my Shoulder!!   Mon Mar 25, 2013 5:45 am

The arena is as silent as The graveyard..with The fans highly held with Their posters.The silence is broken as The Theme song hits The P.A system.

The Big Red Monster.....KANE Enters through The Curtains in his Attitude Era Outfit ,He looks around The arena and Then proceeds towards The ramp.He then makes his way to the ropes Of the ring and Enters the ring over The ropes. He walks to the Mid Point of The Ring and Then Performs his signature entrance ring Taunt,As He performs The Taunt Bolts of fire come out from The four Turnbuckles present in the ring.A staff member from The Commentary area slides into the ring to Hand over The Mic to Kane and Then slides out...Kane looks around The arena and then He begins to speak..

Time and again I prove that the Holy Grail deserves My shoulder and Not that of Randell Keith Orton..Last Friday Randy fell to be One my victims in my path of destruction.You people will witness The same Victory in this very Ring when I face RANDY again..But this time with The Holy Grail on the Line. This past Saturday a particular person thought That what I proved was not enough..So he set me to face Triple H who was perished into being One of my victims of my path of destruction. The Rage inside of Me abides for Its Monster To be at Its greatest of Strength and It ABIDES for The Holy Grail. Time and time again I have proven that I am a monster and given you all a reason to fear me. Randy, I am like no one you have ever seen, as I pursue no greed for fame or money. My addiction, My thirst is in seeing people in Pain *Laughs*

Randy, You hold something that means soo dearly to me. You hold that Holy Grail which gives me all the attention I need. I need that Holy Grail to prove everyone that this Monster stands above everyone else and it's only a matter of time that It shall be Mine..

All of a sudden The lights go out and when the come Back up Kane is not seen In the arena


OOC: Feedback would be appriciated
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PostSubject: Re: The Holy Grail deserves my Shoulder!!   Mon Mar 25, 2013 7:00 am

OCC : Nicee short and sweet.. this should be interesting.


-FearTheViper- Owner Of XWI-
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The Holy Grail deserves my Shoulder!!
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