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PostSubject: Pain INFLICTED!!   Tue Mar 26, 2013 6:36 am

The arena Is as silent as a Graveyard with the fans waiting to be Entertained with the presence of an XWI superstar....All of a sudden the silence is broken as The Theme song hits the P.A system..

The Baddest man on The planet...Brock Lesnar, enters The arena through The curtains and The crowd replies with a Huge applaud. Brock Lesnar is seen wearing a black shirt with his signature Logo labelled on it and a Black pant.He makes his way to the ramp and then proceeds towards The ring.He then performs his signature ring-in Maneuver..As he performs it, fireworks appear from the four turnbuckles present in the ring.He then enters the ring and walks to and fro around it.A staff member from The commentary area slides into the ring and Hands over a mic to Brock.. He then begins to Speak.

On the March of 16th I stepped into the ring with Dolph Ziggler and I accomplished success....PAIN WAS INFLICTED!! There was only One Problem...Ziggler wasn't the only one who was taken Out on a stretcher..I too was taken on a stretcher!!I too was bleeding Like a Pig...You see I'm No superstar...I'm an Ass Kicker!! I am Brock Lesnar..I don't care about anybody But Brock Lesnar!! My purpose of returning isn't done yet..I want revenge !! And then this past Saturday Triple H joins The Monkey Alliance..Triple H you have got your ass In the wrong situation!! You call yourself The King of Kings..You won The King of The Ring....5 years after your debut in the WWE...While I won The King of The Ring..2 years after My debut..Its clear who The King of Kings is Now!!The Game!!!..are You five years old!! Have you come here to Play Games in the XWI you Ass Kissing Bastard??You've always Been Nothing but a sell out!! First in the WWE..Kissing Mcmahon Ass!!And Now your kissing Tej's ass..Triple H your to weak To be on your own!! That's why you need more Power..It states that your such a Dumbass Power Baby!! Its also proves why you shouldn't be called The Cerebral Assassin..Triple h you got in My way..which means your ASS IS STALEMATE!!

N0w Ziggler I told you that after our encounter you wouldn't be able to walk out of the ring and I was right about that. Now you gave one hell of a fight, you beat me.. Yes but if you think for one second that you are done with me you are so sadly mistaken. Now Tej is here.. and if you think that I AM no threat any longer You wrong again. Tej you are going to regret coming back. Give me all you got.. weather it's triple H OR Ziggler or Cody Rhodes... i fear no man. You can play all the games you want but in the end I am going to break each and every one of your little ass kissers and Take you down.

Brock Lesnar drops The mic and Leaves the ring and makes his way back to The XWI locker room..The camera screen begins to fade and then turns Black.


OOC: Feedback would be appreciated

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PostSubject: Re: Pain INFLICTED!!   Tue Mar 26, 2013 10:32 am

OCC : Good stuff.. keep up the good work


-FearTheViper- Owner Of XWI-
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