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 Bring It On

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PostSubject: Bring It On   Fri Mar 29, 2013 7:07 pm

'' The scene opens and we are backstage with Josh Matthews ''

::: Josh Matthews ll Interviewer :::
Ladies and Gentlemen at this time, Help me Welcome I XWI's freak of Nature.. BROCK LESNAR.

* Brock Lesnar comes in the scene with a cocky smile on his face, and Josh Continues *

Now Brock.. it's been around 2 weeks since you made your return, you have been competing in knockout matches, but your loss against Ziggler has drastically. Now with the return of TeJ and him bringing Triple H in his corner. Are you surprised seeing him on his side.. What do you think are your chances.. What..

* Brock doesn't seem happy as he cuts Josh, as he turns the mic near his mouth and replies *

::: Brock Lesnar ll Freak Of Nature ::
Woahh.. Woahh Josh.. Hold on there. I am not sure that my loss has made anyone doubt that I am still a monster. If I remember it right, I promised I would not let him walk out of the match the same. Yes he took me out.. but fact is I knocked Ziggler out cold. He couldn't walk out.. That proves I am a Monster. Now TeJ returns and gets Triple H to join the list of goons.

Does that bother me.. Not one bit. Now this may sound surprising but I am actually glad you are back. TeJ I am glad you are back.. really cause now you can use your dirty tactics.. which really won't work with me. You see I am an Ass KICKER. I love to fight. I love the smell of blood and seeing the fear in my competitor's eyes. I am going to hurt everyone that steps in that ring. If Ziggler thinks for one second that he is done with me.. he is just so sadly mistaken. Cause I am far from done, I will not stop until I beat and break every single man ythat steps in my WAY.

Now with Triple H on TeJ's side.. does that intimidate me.. Hahah Not Really. Am I surprised again Not Really.. He was one asskisser in WWE and as you can see, habits are hard to let go. Triple H why don't you just glue your lips up the Boss's ass..

TeJ I am glad you are back, because I am far from over. The beating you went through in the Pride Of Glory was just the beginning. I am going to FINISH you TeJ, so bring all the goons you want and I shall FINISH them all.. ONE by ONE, they all shall knock out.

* Lesnar pushes the mic to Josh and walks away *

- End Of Roleplay -
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Bring It On
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