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 Believe in Reigns

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PostSubject: Believe in Reigns   Sun Apr 07, 2013 7:57 pm

*The scene opens up in the XWI MNM arena. The crowd is relaxing when all of a sudden, an image appears on the screen with a camera rested on the ground. A man picks up the camera and points it right at his face as it reveals Roman Reigns. The crowd gives off a mixed reaction as Reigns has a straight face. He begins to speak.*

Roman Reigns: *Takes deep breath* Roman Reigns...

*He pauses as the crowd boos and he nods*

Roman Reigns: Dear wonderful management at XWI, was my request for a match with Kane on Monday ignored?... I told everyone that I would defeat him and I don't even get my shot. No worries though, wherever this tyrannic company places me on the card I will prevail. John Cena...

*The crowd cheers and Roman chuckles and shakes his head*

Roman Reigns: One of the most iconic names in wrestling history, but John... you underestimate me I believe. While you've had one hell of a career, mine only begins now. Once I beat you on Monday, I will move on to be a main event superstar here and move to 2-0. It's funny that Daniel Bryan can run around screaming that he's 7-0 but this week he faces Randy Orton and for once I can't wait till the RKO is hit and Orton walks away victorious to crush that idiotic ego. Now I can stand back here and talk about every superstar on the roster but I won't because I don't need to. My eyes are set on John Cena right now and after that, getting on that Rage in the Cage card. The fact that I wasn't originally placed on there is a slap to my face and I will not rest until I am placed on there... But this monday, John Cena prepare for the beating of a lifetime. You have done NOTHING here yet except lose to Randy Orton and sit back but now you think your time is now. *He laughs* Your time was up the moment I was placed on the card against you. Prepare hard, and good luck. I know you'll need it.

*Roman takes a breath as the crowd continues to boo*

Roman Reigns: Believe... in Reigns.

*He drops the camera on the ground as the scene fades to black*

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Believe in Reigns
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