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 A Dominant Show Off

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PostSubject: A Dominant Show Off    Wed Apr 10, 2013 7:01 am

The Scene Opens Backstage As Josh Mathews is seen standing with Dolph Ziggler ..Josh Raises the Mic and begins to speak.

Josh Mathews: Dolp La..

As Josh is speaking Dolph snactches the Mic and Pushes Josh away ...he Raises the Mic with a smirk on his face and begins to speak.

Dolph Ziggler

Last Night On Warzone i knocked off a monster..infact another Monster Goldberg.......I completely dominated him and guess what my match Stole the show..I beat the crap out of Goldberg and i also sent Brock Lesnar on a stretcher and rumours are going around that Goldberg will leave XWI because of what i did to him..its not easy to knock off two monsters in a couple of weeks ..poor old Brock Left on a stretcher and most Likely Goldberg quit because of me .

Now im not showing off here because let me get you all correct its not called showing off when u back it up every single night..i said i would beat Brock i did ...the same for Goldberg and now im saying This sunday at Rage in the Cage i will beat Edge and make sure he never steps foot into XWI again..his Career will be over.Edge if i was you i would Retire now..because after what i did to Lesnar and Goldberg you would be nuts if you competed in a ring with me .

I have all the momentum for this sunday and i Assure You i will be Held Responsible for your retirement ...and thank god ill get rid of an Old time it makes me sick that your Egos dont quit..but most importantly when im done with you my revenge will be almost done because after i am done with you ..i am going After the XWI Title ...and i will once again be the XWI Champion..Show...Off.

Ziggler Drops the mic and leaves the scene Ends.


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A Dominant Show Off
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