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 Sucka I Earned It!

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PostSubject: Sucka I Earned It!   Fri Apr 12, 2013 11:09 pm

[CAN YOU DIG IT SUCKAAAAAAAAAAA!? erupts throughout the arena as Booker T appears on stage, hitting his left chest twice with his fist and then pointing to the crowd on his right. He then does the same with his other side. Then he bends down on one knee, raising his hand up to his face and he shakes his head up and down, back and forth then jumps up into the air with his arms stretched out high as pyro blasts behind him. He then begins to make his way down the ramp, hitting his chest and pointing to the crowd along the barriers. Once he reaches the ring steps, he walks up them and walks down the apron, running his hand along the top rope. He then stops in the middle and swings his leg up and ducks between the ropes and into the ring. He begins to walk as he raises his arms in the air and makes his way to the turnbuckle. He then climbs up and raises his arms high again followed once more with a beat to his chest twice with his fist and then points, scanning the area in front of him before hopping down. He then takes a mic from an official and circles around the ring a bit before stopping in the middle, raising his mic to speak.]

"Wooooooooooow. Did ya'll just watch Frenzy? What a show man I'm still feelin the effects of my match and still tryin to catch my breath to come out here and speak to the XWI Universe![He smiles]. Wow, one hell of a match. I went into the match with the will and determination to prove myself because it seems a lot of people have doubted me since I returned and Cody Rhodes has put me down week after week and I just wanna prove that sucka wrong! And boy did I do that tonight! Three men stepped into the ring with one goal and that was to be crowned the winner and earn the right to face Cody for the Intercontinental Championship in two days at Rage In The Cage but out of the three men it came down to two, down to The Undertaker and myself in a match that quite honestly I feel was a Wrestlemania quality battle. I can honestly say I have never fought so hard to not lose a match and to just downright survive with everything I had inside. I put everything I had in that match and I can honestly say there were a few times I thought Undertaker had me and even I don't know how I managed to get my shoulder up and carry on but I did and after a Bookend and two Scissors Kicks I finally was able to keep The Undertaker down and pull out the victory and now I stand here before you all as the number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship and will finally get my shot at Cody Rhodes in just two days and I cannot even explain this feeling it's unreal. No longer can Cody say that I haven't earned anything because I just worked my ass off like never before to earn this and now that I have Cody I'm comin for you sucka! And this Sunday at rage In The Cage I'm walking away as Intercontinental Champion. NOW CAN YOU DIG THAT!!!???........."

[He throws his head back as the crowd says it along with him]


[He lowers his head and smiles wide and hits a spinarooni as the crowd goes wild and the camera fades to black as Booker smiles wider than ever]

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Sucka I Earned It!
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