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 XWI Backstage Fallout

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PostSubject: XWI Backstage Fallout   Mon Apr 15, 2013 6:48 pm

*The scene opens up backstage at the Rage in the Cage PPV. Josh Matthews approaches Roman Reigns who is storming down the hallway. Josh approaches him.*

Josh Matthews: Excuse me, Roman... You just came from a brutal...

*Just then, Roman takes Josh and throws him over a table. He continues to storm down the hallway, kicking things down and pushing things off tables. Everyone stays clear of him as he notices a camera is following him. He turns around.*

Roman Reigns: You know what... bothers me? Idiots that get things that they don't deserve!

*He kicks a table over in anger as he paces back and forth*

Roman Reigns: A lot happened at the PPV, not just my loss. Daniel Bryan SOMEHOW pulled out another win and won the hardcore championship that should be mine. Randy Orton was able to retain his title thankfully against someone else that didn't deserve it, and there are emotions running inside the ring and behind the scenes, believe me. Where do I go from here? Who knows. Let's find out.

*He walks over to Tej's office and looks at the upcoming MNM card and punches the wall next to it*

Roman Reigns: You've GOT to be shitting me! There is no way in hell I have to team with that jesus loving freak, Seth Rollins!

*He looks at his opponents and calms down a bit.*

Roman Reigns: Ah. I get to face a former XWI Champion and the current XWI Intercontinental Champion. I guess that'll work. As much as I don't trust Seth and as much as I think his damn mind is somewhere else, I have to put it aside to beat these two and put myself back in contention for something. Maybe someday Seth can change and I could look at him in a different light but at this point, I don't to be anywhere near the guy and I'm shocked he hasn't knocked on my door yet looking to speak about our lord and savoir Jesus Christ. Either way, Monday will be a night to remember. A night of Reigns.

*He pushes the camera away and walks off as the scene fades to black*


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XWI Backstage Fallout
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