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 Back And Better Than Ever

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PostSubject: Back And Better Than Ever   Thu Apr 18, 2013 8:43 pm

[CAN YOU DIG IT SUCKAAAAAAAAAAA!? erupts throughout the arena as Booker T appears on stage, hitting his left chest twice with his fist and then pointing to the crowd on his right. He then does the same with his other side. Then he bends down on one knee, raising his hand up to his face and he shakes his head up and down, back and forth then jumps up into the air with his arms stretched out high as pyro blasts behind him. He then begins to make his way down the ramp, hitting his chest and pointing to the crowd along the barriers. Once he reaches the ring steps, he walks up them and walks down the apron, running his hand along the top rope. He then stops in the middle and swings his leg up and ducks between the ropes and into the ring. He begins to walk as he raises his arms in the air and makes his way to the turnbuckle. He then climbs up and raises his arms high again followed once more with a beat to his chest twice with his fist and then points, scanning the area in front of him before hopping down. He then takes a mic from an official and circles around the ring a bit before stopping in the middle, raising his mic to speak.]

"Booker T is back! Now I know I haven't been out here in awhile and honestly it's because I was too embarrassed. I was too embarrassed after working so hard to become the number one contender to face Cody Rhodes for the Intercontinental title and when it paid off and I did so after only two weeks since my return I felt on top the world and I could feel victory in my grasp. Unfortunately victory was far from my grasp because when it was time to step up to the plate, I struck out and I lost my opportunity at revenge and at the Intercontinental Championship at the same time and I just couldn't get past it. For once, I was the sucka and I let vengeance consume me and blind me, and in the end all it resulted in was embarrassment and failure and since the PPV, I've been laying low, and sulking in my own self pity, but now I realize that pitying myself and staying away from this ring was stupid so I sucked it up and now I'm back out here with you people backing me up and helping me get back on my feet and I realize that one loss doesn't make me a failure and instead of letting it bring me down, I am going to use it as a reason to step it up and to come back stronger than ever. This time around, my head is clear and I'm not consumed by revenge anymore, instead I'm consumed with determination and the will to succeed in my pursuit to reach my goals and next time I get a chance at Cody things will be different, and my willpower will be at it's highest point, but after messing up my last chance, it will be awhile before I get my second chance and for now I'm focusing on the latest development that will help speed up the process which is the King Of Extreme Tournament and if I win it, I will get a shot at any title I choose and that will give me the second chance I need and even if I get runner up, I still get a title shot but it will be Tej's choice and I just hope if that's the case that he has the same idea in mind that I do. So like I said, Booker T is back baby! And this time around things will be different and I WILL win this tournament and it all starts tomorrow night on Frenzy when I beat that punk Dean Ambrose and move on to the next round. NOW CAN YOU DIG THAT!!!???"

[He tilts his head back as the fans join in with him]


[He lowers his head and smiles as the crowd goes crazy and the camera fades to black]
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Back And Better Than Ever
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