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 Booker's Announcement

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PostSubject: Booker's Announcement   Sat Apr 20, 2013 6:25 pm

[CAN YOU DIG IT SUCKAAAAAAAAAAA!? erupts throughout the arena as Booker T appears on stage with a neck brace , hitting his left chest twice with his fist and then pointing to the crowd on his right. He then does the same with his other side. Then he bends down on one knee, raising his hand up to his face and attempts to shakes his head up and down, but grits his teeth and holds his neck as he stands up. He looks frustrated as he raises his arms up and pyro blasts behind him. He then begins to make his way down the ramp, hitting his chest and pointing to the crowd along the barriers. Once he reaches the ring steps, he walks up them and walks down the apron, running his hand along the top rope. He then stops in the middle and swings his leg up and ducks between the ropes and into the ring as he holds his neck again. He begins to walk as he raises his arms in the air and makes his way to the turnbuckle. He then climbs up and raises his arms high again followed once more with a beat to his chest twice with his fist and then points, scanning the area in front of him before hopping down. He then takes a mic from an official and circles around the ring a bit before stopping in the middle, raising his mic to speak as he holds the back of his neck.]

"As you can see I'm in rough shape because some suck by the name of The Miz decided to come out after my loss on Frenzy and hit a Skull Crushing Finale on me and just about broke my damn neck because I already landed wrong on it when Ambrose hit his finisher on me and that's why I didn't kick out because I felt something was wrong and I didn't want to risk something serious after just returning from being sidelined a couple months ago and doctors tell me I would have been fine and that I made the right choice but then when Miz hit his move not once, but TWICE on me, Im now told that I will have to take a leave from in ring competition but I promise I will do my best to return again soon. I know I just said last week that I had big things planned in the future but it looks like they're gonna have to wait a little while but when I do come back, I will be better than ever and I promise I will give you all my very best. I love you all after I heal, I'm going to train harder than ever to come back and perform for you fans that are th reason we do this. NOW CAN YOU DIG THAT!!!???"

[He tilts his head back and suddenly The Miz slides into the ring from out of the crowd and grabs Booker from behind and hits the Skull Crushing Finale and then stomps on Booker repeatedly and puts him in the Figure Four as Booker cries out in pain. EMT's then come rushing out and it takes five of them to pull Miz off and restrain him. Booker is holding his neck tight and writhing around in pain as the EMT's try to look at him. Then one of them says "He broke it. He's done." and Miz breaks free from the hold of the officials and grabs a mic and rolls back in the ring, standing over Booker and getting in his face with his mic raised to his mouth ]

"That's why I'M THE MIZ!!! AND I'MMMMMMMMMMM....................AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!"

[He drops the mic down on Booker's chest and raises his arm in the air as the crowd boos wildly and the EMT's bring out a stretcher and the others escort Miz away as the camera fades to black]

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Booker's Announcement
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