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 A Living Disappointment.

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PostSubject: A Living Disappointment.   Sun Apr 21, 2013 6:17 pm

"The scene opens up in the arena and we can see a bunch of wrestling fanatics seated in various groups on different corners of it, politely waiting for something to happen. Just then, Seth Rollin's theme song is played on the titantron"

Rollins comes out with a new signature pose as a symbol of honor to his God and gets a mixed reaction from the crowd as he looks quite dull walking the ramp heading him to the ring. He already has a mic in his right hand as he takes a few moments to soak in the atmosphere and then starts to speak.

Jesus! What's happening to me? How can i be so unlucky? I mean, where am i going wrong ? So many questions are dominating my mind right now and sadly, i have no answers for them either. Last Sunday at Rage in the Cage, i perhaps had the best possible opportunity to not only cement my legacy and become your first ever XWI Hardcore Champion but more importantly, it would have been the perfect occasion for me to honor my Jesus and make him proud of my work but instead, it turned out to be the complete opposite. My performance at the PPV was a failure and i know i survived till the end but getting that close to what could have been the career defining moment of my short stint till now here on XWI and missing out on it after all the effort and dedication i put into it was simply heart breaking.

The XWI Universe present in the arena try to cheer up Rollins as he looks dejected and ashamed of himself, he lowers the mic from his mouth and keeps his head down for a moment as he keeps asking himself the same questions again and again before finally raising it up again. He takes a deep breath and continues to speak the following.

I guess, the guys in the back were right, i am just a disappointment. I was a disappointment to my parents when i went against their orders and chose the path which i thought was designed for me by the creator himself, i was a disappointment to the trainers and my fans who made me worthy enough to compete in this ring and last but not the least, i was a disappointment to the Almighty, Jesus for not making his plans fall into place.But beyond everything, seeing Daniel Bryan celebrating after he won the title was arguably the biggest disappointment of my life and what's even more disappointing is that it all happened in front of my god gifted eyes and i couldn't do anything about it and if that was not all, i even lost my tag team match the very next day on MNW in the most unusual of all pin downs and thereby becoming a disappointment to my partner at that point, Roman Reigns. Tomorrow is another day and i am competing yet again, and like my past two outings, chances are i will be highly disappointing in that one too so why do i need to waste air- time and make all of you go through the same feeling all over again cause as i see it, i guess i am just not worth it anymore and there are a lot of deserving lads in the back who can show their talent on the main roster and make merry out of it. Maybe i should just give up right now and never show my face ever again ? Why am i ever talking when i can just do that right here, right now!

Seth Rollins drops the mic on the mat and makes his way out of the ring as the XWI Universe is in a shock wave as to what exactly happened to Rollins, some of them start to boo him as he is heading his way to the back with his head still down and the scene fades to black.

- End of R.P. -

OOC : To know the fallout of this, please tune in to MNW! Question
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A Living Disappointment.
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