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 Not Going to Lower Myself

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PostSubject: Not Going to Lower Myself   Sun Apr 21, 2013 9:02 pm

The theme song of the great Dean Ambrose starts playing on the audio system and ss soon as it's heard it makes everyone in attendance react to it, some with cheers and joy but they are barely heared because the boos from a big part of the crowd overshadow them. Ambrose comes out to the heat looking pretty pissed off. He rushes his way to the ring looking straight to it not anywhere else. He grabs the ropes from the ringside and climbs to the apron before jumping over the top rope to enter to the ring. He grabs a mic and when the music and the audience go silent, he begins to speak

Could this place be any more wrong? Undeserving people getting title shots only because of “respect” when all they do is lose. Undeserving people getting title rematches after they’ve already got one and lost. Undeserving champions trying to abuse power and become the bosses. Those are just a few of the things that is wrong with the XWI but the biggest of them all is that me, the guy who last friday extended his singles matches record to FOUR and O. Me, the guy who last friday added Booker T, another so called “legend”, to his list of destroyed “heroes”. ME, the guy who, where some people like or not, has made such an impact that he’s without a doubt the FASTEST rising superstar in the ENTIRE XWI HISTORY!...has got to take orders from Randy…Orton

The fans start cheering when they hear the name of the Viper. Few boos are heard as well and a “Paper Champ” chant starts to spread. Ambrose turns his attention to where the chant started and smirks before continuing to speak

Since when is he on charge? Since when is he the one who makes the cards? Since when do I, the great Dean Ambrose, have to do what he says?!!

Dean starts to get upset so he looks down and takes deep breaths to calm himself down. He then proceds

You know Randy, I would’ve accepted any match you offered me. I would’ve agreed to have you as the referee against ANYONE even if you tried to screw me. But the fact that you put me against Chris Jericho is just INSULTING! I’ve already faced Jericho and I BEAT..HIM! Two weeks ago on Frenzy I proved that Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho and nowhere in the same league. I AM on a HIGHER level than Chris. I am SUPERIOR to him. I simply have nothing to do in the same ring with him because I AM JUST…BETTER than that

Dean’s fans start clapping and cheering a little but they are nothing compared to the boos from the Jericho supporters

And because of that, I’m telling you right now, I WON’T..FIGHT HIM. I will not lower myself like I did two weeks ago. I will not lower myself to the point of having a match with a PATHETIC old guy like Chris Jericho. I SIMPLY..WILL NOT…DO IT!!

The audience boos loud and Y2J! chants start as Ambrose drops the mic to the mat and walks to the ropes to leave the ring. But before he passes through them, a music hits making him stop

TBCB: Randy Orton or Chris Jericho
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PostSubject: Re: Not Going to Lower Myself   Tue Apr 23, 2013 6:19 pm

'' The fans are chanting Y2J.. and Dean doesn't seem very happy.. Just as the brief moment of silence by Dean is about to attend all of a sudden the Lights turn off and the Fans Scream Then the Words 'Break the Walls down'' bring the arena to life and we can feel the arena come alive with the fans screaming their voices out with the arrival of Chris Jericho ''

The camera comes to a man standing in the back arms outstretched. Both arms shook some as the man spun around turning on one heel revealing himself to be Chris Jericho.

The Music hits and the lights are turned back on as it is none other than their Savior, Y2J Chris Jericho, The Ayatollah of Rock and Roll'a as the fire works hits. He turns back and with a big smile on his face as the fans cheer loud. He then walks the ramp in his Jericho style manner

A, Camera focuses on Dean Ambrose who doesn't look happy one bit. Jericho reaches the ringside area as he grabs a mc. He then walks on the steps under the ropes and into the ring. He Raises his hand as the fans Cheer loud and are pumped up. Jericho takes a good look at Dean Ambrose as he screams and pumps up the crowd. He then takes the mic to his mouth and speaks..

Now.. Ambrose I am going to cut to the chase. Enough of the Catch lines, the jokes. I am just going to get to the point since we have seen a lot of that in our previous encounters. Now to be in the top of this business.. you need a certain amount of respect.. So you can hate Orton and the 'system' for having people like me in big matches despite losing to you. But you don't get the point. My past speaks for itself.. that makes every wrestler in the top want to FACE ME. You may talk about wins and losses and you having beaten me once, but we all know that the match we encountered was a totaly rip off as you CM Punk who 'Hated' me as the referee. But you got the win and I not here to prove you wrong otherwise..

But yet again you got to ask yourself. For someone like you who is new in this business, you got to prove yourself. Few wins are great but having one win over me doesn't make you a better man does it.

Frankly speaking Ambrose.. I am really just TIERED. Tiered of your complaining, tiered of all the problems you have regarding everything that happens around here. I see you have a problem with me.. and a problem with another match. Well I am willing for a proposal Ambrose. If you beat me on Friday. I am DONE with you. I am DONE with the title. I will not come in your way. I will step out of the title reign.. Not because of anything you said because I am not going to try to step in the title picture unless I appear as a threat. I need that win.. and I need to be in that match knowing that I am a viable threat. So how about it Ambrose ? One Last Match

You Win I am out.. You have nothing to lose so what do you say ?

'' Jericho waits for a reply as the Fans chant Y2J Loud and Dean Ambrose has a smirk on his face as he replies ''


TBC : Dean Ambrose [JF]

OCC : Sorry for the late response.. Been Busy lately..


-FearTheViper- Owner Of XWI-
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Not Going to Lower Myself
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