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PostSubject: Promos?!   Mon Apr 22, 2013 11:25 am

I have seen this from the very start of the site, but truth be told I didn't really mind it because the activity was amazing. Don't get me wrong it still is amazing but the way you guys have been promoing lately have been getting out of control. Now I'm not talking about how many promos you do a day... Quite frankly I couldn't even care about that.. What I'm talking about is the language you have been using in your promos... Language that your superstar (Characters) Don't use in real life. Now correct me if I'm Wrong but in the rules does it not say to Act like your own Superstar? Now I Know it's always fun to add some twist to your characters and I'm all for that. But when it gets this out of hand I just can't sit around and watch anymore. I hate to tell you guys this but please watch the way you promo. If this continue I'll have no choice but to talk to Tej about removing points instead of adding onto your points (stats)


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