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 DBry is Fried

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PostSubject: DBry is Fried   Tue Apr 23, 2013 12:23 am

The Scene begins in the Arena with a high angle view of the crowd when...

Once the music begins to die down and he's in the ring, Shawn grabs an extra microphone from the Announcer and walks toward the center of the ring.

The Heart Break Kid||Shawn Michaels:
As most of you may already know I came out here a few days back initially to give the fans a great encounter, and give a young star in the back a chance at Heart Break or Triumph by going one on one with the Best to enter a ring. But sadly I didn't get that, I got a couple monologues on the behalf of Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan. Now if Roman wasn't enough, Daniel should've been. He comes out here flashing his Hardcore Title and his Streak trying to rub it into my face and tell me that my past means nothing, saying anything that he could think of to get into my head.

Shawn begins to pace around in the center of the ring.

The Heart Break Kid||Shawn Michaels:
I must apologize to Daniel though, because I misjudged him. I mistook him for someone who lets their actions speak for them in the ring, instead of someone who would rather use up somebody else's camera time to set a bigger platform for himself. But get this through your head kid, I'm not like anyone you've ever faced. If you're going to use me as a stepping stone then you better step pretty damn hard! Going into this match you and I both are aware that there are two records that are unstained, but once the storm has come to pass there will only be one! And since your streak is all that you've seemed to talk about lately, I figured why not end the streak and shut you up?!

The fans give a bit of a pop for Shawn as he continues on to say...

The Heart Break Kid||Shawn Michaels:
Because afterall Streaks were made to be broken, and ego's much like some career's were built up to be torn down. And unfortunately for you, you fall under that category as one of the statistics.

He drops the microphone which makes a moderate "thud" in the ring, the crowd begin to cheer once more as his theme music blasts in the arena again. The scene ends with him on top of the turnbuckle playing to the crowd by throwing his arms into the air.
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DBry is Fried
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