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 Determination and Redemption is what I will strive for in our match

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PostSubject: Determination and Redemption is what I will strive for in our match   Tue Apr 23, 2013 3:29 pm


[center]'As the crowd wait impatiently for a superstar to come out and entertain them, John Cena's 'you cant see me' theme song hits the arena, and a huge cheer is given. billboards are being held up to address the former WWE Champion. After a few seconds, John cena comes out. he has a huge smile on his face. as he just enters the arena, he stops. he then does a salute to the crowd, and a cheer goes up again. he then makes his way quickly and steadily towards the ring. he enters the ring and pauses while looking at the audience. he gets on top of the turnbuckle and raises his two arms at the audience. he does that for two more of the turnbuckles. he is seen going accros the ring towards the official and then asks for a mic. he starts to talk

John Cena ll The Champ

In the past week Roman, I have been depressed at the fact that i lost to you and two others in that ring and i blew my chances at achieving what I wanted most at that point in time, the Hardcore championship, sure it wasnt as big as the XWI championship, but i didnt care. i wanted that to prove i am different to everyone else. i wanted to prove that i was better than you, but alas, that didnt happen and daniel bryan is the one who got on top, but this monday is not only a chance at redemption, but i will achieve revenge for your past actions, and i WILL come out victorious. The last time you came out here, you looked down on Randy for giving other superstars so many chances but You just dont get it do you, the reason that Randy replies to every single one of those superstars is because he strives to be the best champion that this company has ever had, and THAT.. is the difference between you and him. Now, Roman, i didnt come out here to praise the XWI champion or to reply to your fucked up message that everyone shouldnt want the XWI championship. The main reason I came out here was to address one main sentence you said when you came out here. What was it, lemme see.. oh yess… it was that said there was no way in hell that you were gonna lose to me that early. Well I have something to say to that. It may be true that I have not won a lot of matches lately, but whether you like it or not, I am going to put my 200% effort into our match and if you honestly think you are gonna win easily, you have another thing coming because the 11 time wwe championship is going to kick your unworthy ass whether you like it .. or not because I have something that you and most of the other superstars lack and that is a simple characteristic called determination.

With that Cena does his signature taunt and walks back to the entrance as the scene comes to an end.


OOC: Feedback appreciated
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Determination and Redemption is what I will strive for in our match
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