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 Daniel Bryan Interview

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PostSubject: Daniel Bryan Interview    Wed Apr 24, 2013 5:06 pm

'' The Scene opens and we are backstage live with Josh Matthews ''

Josh Matthews ll Interviewer

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please let me welcome My guest at this time.. The Hardcore Champion Daniel Bryan

'' Daniel Bryan comes in the scene with his Hardcore Title on his shoulder.. Daniel Bryan doesn't have a happy look on his face as Josh Continues to speak ''

Well Daniel.. Since your match on Monday I have a lot of questions in my mind.. Firstly what are your thoughts about what happened on MNW

Daniel Bryan ll Hardcore Champion

I will Not have you call me out here and insult me in front of these people. We all saw what happened on Monday. Shawn Michaels proved everyone how his experience has taught him to use all the under lying to steal a victory. Yet these people don't see the lies.. and now i have you come out here and disrespect me.. You ask me How i feel.. I AM FURIOUS.. I am DISGUSTED.. I AM DISAPPOINTED by the lack of sportsmanship..


Josh Matthews ll Interviewer

Well alright Daniel.. and now what about he title shot you promised

Daniel Bryan ll Hardcore Champion

A Win is a win.. I will get my chance of redemption.. he may have stopped my chance to get my 10th win in a row.. but as the man I am... I will do what I promised.. I promised him a title shot. and I shall give him his shot. I talked to Invader.. and well It seems that Shawn has a match on MNW for the King of Extreme tournament. But unlike Shawn.. I am a man of my word.. I will give him his title shot on Wednesday,, During XWI's Special show..

And Before you annoy me asking what is it..The Special Show shall hold the 2nd and 3rd rounds Of the King Of Extreme.. and the Finals will take place in the Pay Per View Itself..

Josh Matthews ll Interviewer

Well that's big news Daniel.. One Last question.. what do you have to say about Cody Rhodes beating Randy Orton ?

Daniel Bryan ll Hardcore Champion

Congrats to Cody.. He did a great job taking down Randy Orton.. Now I know i had plans to confront him.. but as you see I am pre occupied. But I will tell this Cody.. is someone who has been walking down my path since day one.. He is unbeaten.. with a streak of 7-0 He holds a title.. as well AND he has proved successful in taking down Randy Orton.. He may have an impressive streak but MINE has been far superior.. I may be of his way for now.. But iF i were him.. I would watch out because If the streak continues.. I myself will step up to end it.

'' Daniel Bryan looks at the camera one last time with a determined look in his eyes as he walks out and the camera fades as the scene comes to an end ''


-FearTheViper- Owner Of XWI-
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Daniel Bryan Interview
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