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 Big Hungry Has Arrived

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PostSubject: Big Hungry Has Arrived   Thu Apr 25, 2013 6:20 am

The Crowd looks quiet but then all of a Sudden they hear the words FEED ME MORE !. As Rybacks Theme Hits the arena the crowd goes wild.

Ryback is seen coming threw the curtain...he stands on the Ramp and looks intensed as he raises his arms up and down one by one as he is looking down ..he then Raises both of them down together as an explosion sound occurs ..he slowly looks up straight with the intensity seen in his eyes he Yells Wake up and walks down the ramp quickly ...As he gets near the ring he climbs the steel steps and enters the ring immediately following with another taunt .....Ryback gets a mic from a near by crew member ..he inhales the atmosphere and gets in the middle of the Ring ... he then raises the Mic and begins to speak.


Fear is an emotion induced by a perceived threat which causes entities to quickly pull far away from it and usually hide.The Element Fear is not something new in the XWI ..it is being used to threaten other superstars by a Big Red Monster Known as Kane.But for the First time in his entire Career Kane is afraid because Fear has turned against him ..for the first time in his career Kane is not the predator but now hes a pray... hes my pray ..and i will feast on him.

I watched him take out Legends from behind ...and i had enough ..so i decided to make my arrival into the XWI and here i stand because i am sick of kane ...he calls him self a monster but he is nothing but a coward ..a backstabber..Justice will be served Kane because this monster will hunt you down ..because i am just a bigger monster than you will ever be.

As Ryback says this he gets interrupted by Kanes Theme


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PostSubject: Re: Big Hungry Has Arrived   Mon Apr 29, 2013 1:28 pm

'' All of a Sudden the fire bolts hit and the arena turns Red... Ryback seems rather startled .. He looks around as al of a sudden Kane's voice is heard.. out of no where as it echoes through out the stadium ''

Ryback you have never faced a man like me.. So you really don't realize what you have brought upon yourself. You talk about 'Fear , but you don't realize who I am and what I am.. You call yourself a Monster.. well you are sadly mistakes Ryback. The only monster here is Me.. and Trust me when I say this, You picked the wrong guy to feast on because all you are going to get is your flesh being burnt to hell and a world of pain.

What is Fear ? An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Now you may not find me dangerous on the stand point of physical abuse.. But you don't realize the mental trauma that I have put men like The Rock, Stone Cold and The Undertaker.. These are not just any three guys..

You come along and claim you are a monster just like half of a dozen guys who claim they are the best,, While I don't claim myself to be anything. I am a monster.. I don't need to claim myself to be one.. I have proved myself to be one. I am the Devil's favorite demon..and when I step in that ring. I bring destruction. I hold the maximum wins. Just like Stone Cold Just like Taker.. You will be wrong. you will fail Ryback.. When I am done with you.. you will remain nothing but a burnt piece of ash. So if I were you.. I would think twice.. because for someone who hasn't even made a name for themselves in this industry.. stepping up against the Big Red Machine is nothing but pure foolishness.

'' Kane's voice stops and waits for Ryaback's reply ''

TBC : Ryback [Ali]
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Big Hungry Has Arrived
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