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 Really? What A Joke

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PostSubject: Really? What A Joke   Thu Apr 25, 2013 11:40 pm

[The arena is quiet when suddenly AWEEEEESOOOOOOOME!!! erupts and a theme begins to play as The Miz walks out from behind the curtain dressed in his ring attire along with a "Haters Love Me" t-shirt, and with a new unusual accessory, an eye patch. He stops on the stage bends over as he swings his arms behind him then slowly lifts them up in his vintage pose. He then spreads his arms out with a cocky grin on his face as he struts his way down the ramp, clutching his eye. He stops at the end of the barracade and backmouths some fans then runs toward the ring and slides up onto the apron, holding onto the middle rope and kicking his leg up as he sits in the corner of the apron in his usual pose. He then pulls himself up and climbs between the ropes.he then walks around the ring and puts one leg up on the middle rope, facing the crowd and puts his hand to his ear to take in the boos. He then spreads his arms out again posing before he demands a mic from the official and hops down, walking to the center of the ring. He then stands there and raises his mic to his mouth to speak.]

"So I finally have a match since my epic return this Friday on Frenzy and I have to face Farooq? Really?...Really?...REALLY? DAMN! I can't believe that old fart could even take the time to shut off his Cosby Show re-runs and get up out of his rocker to step into a wrestling ring again. Seriously what could you possibly have to offer professional wrestling in this generation? You've been wrestling since the day you were given the rights to and now you want to have another run? Seriously? Come on Farooq what have you even done in your career? You spent the first half of it capturing gold and were a good wrestler for that era and spent the last half of it in backstage segments shouting DAMN after awkward moments. Well Farooq this is a new era and things have changed quite a lot and if you want to step into this ring again, the only time you'll be saying damn is when you break a hip. You don;t need to have one last run Farooq, what you need is a reality check and I'm going to give it to you this Friday and send you to the hospital where you belong and should stay until you finally croak."

[The crowd boos heavily]

"Aww was that too much? Well I don;t care because it's true and I can say whatever I want because I'm THE MIZ! AND I'MMMMMMMMMM......"

[He throws his head back and shouts at the top of his lungs]


[He puts his head back down and smiles a cocky smirk and stares into the camera as it fades to black]


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PostSubject: Re: Really? What A Joke   Sat Apr 27, 2013 8:51 am

OCC ; PRetty cool stuff .. liked the promo


-FearTheViper- Owner Of XWI-
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PostSubject: Re: Really? What A Joke   Sat Apr 27, 2013 11:13 am

ooc: thanx man
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PostSubject: Re: Really? What A Joke   

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Really? What A Joke
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