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 Extreme... Rules

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PostSubject: Extreme... Rules   Mon Apr 29, 2013 12:28 pm

The scene opens up a packed arena as everyone is getting to there seat with the snacks and signs. Just before the commentators can recap what took place over the past week they are interrupted by the theme song of Jeff Hardy.

The crowd immediately jump to there feet in excitement as Jeff Hardy's theme song continue to play over the Sound System. No one is seen coming out from behind the curtain so the music stops and the crowd quite down only to have the silence be broken once again by Jeff Hardy's theme song. Jeff Hardy comes walking out from behind the entrance curtain wearing his wrestling gear while sporting his Purple and White face paint. Jeff Hardy looks around at the crowd from the stage as he begins pacing his place only to stop and do his dance as Pyrotechnics erupt from the stage. Jeff Hardy then begins to jog down the ramp as he high fives his fans. He runs around the ring continuing to show his affection to the fans with high fives. He proceeds to slide in the ring as Lillian Garcia hands him a microphone to speak.

For far too long has there been a deficit of respect shown here in Xtreme Wrestling Impact. For far too long superstars have been going around talking about being the best in the world, of being extreme, of being the King of extreme. Yet each and every week I fail to see them live up to there words and everyone's expectation.

Jeff Hardy pauses as he looks around the arena at the fans who can be seen holding up signs. He raises his microphone to continue.

However now things around here are going to be different. It's going to be different because Someone who truly loves and Respect Extreme have come here to show each and every superstar in the back what it truly means to be the KING OF EXTREME.

Jeff Hardy is interrupted by a sudden burst of cheers from the fans. He waits for them to calm down before he raises his microphone to continue.

But in order for me to do that, I'm going to have to outlast the other participants just as I did to the Show off Dolph Ziggler. Because Ziggler, didn't respect Extreme. He didn't respect his better, he now has to sit on the side lines and watch a true master of Extreme climb to the top of the ladder and grab the very thing he and everyone in the back craves the most. The Spotlight, the glory, the XWI Championship.

Before Jeff Hardy could continue he is interrupted by the theme song of ----

TBC by: Anyone in the KOE Tournament thats on MNW.


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PostSubject: Re: Extreme... Rules   Fri May 03, 2013 6:54 pm

'' All of a Sudden the fire bolts hit and the arena turns Red... Ryback seems rather startled .. He looks around as al of a sudden Kane's voice is heard.. out of no where as it echoes through out the stadium ''

It's funny to me when your focus is on Dolph Ziggler and how 'Extreme' you are.. because If I were you what you should focus on is a Monster you are facing Tonight. I am exactly what i Say I am.. A Devil, A War machine, A Predator A MONSTER. I don't need to prove myself.. because I have proved every word I call myself by taking out Legends like Stone Cold , The Rock , My brother The Undertaker [laughs] and most recently Sheamus. So i suggest you try to survive, than have hopes to beat me because I will burn you to hell. You can dig a grave for yourself because tonight your very career is at threat as its going to take a lot more than being extreme to take me out.

I shall put a flame and burn you out of existence and the only thing you shall be known for will be as one among my list of victims.

'' Kane starts to laugh and all of a sudden his pyro hits in the ring with the fire bolts.. which start Jeff Hardy.. but he raises his hand later.. with the Fans chanting his name.. as the camera fades and the scene comes to an end ''

OCC : I am sorry, I have been busy with homework but i didn't want to have your promo as a waste. I think this was alright.
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Extreme... Rules
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