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 I am NOT Jealous...Just DAMN Mad!

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PostSubject: I am NOT Jealous...Just DAMN Mad!   Tue Apr 30, 2013 10:04 pm

The Scene takes pace inside the XWF ring, then the lights hits down low with the fans wondering whats going on. Then the titration hits with this theme...

Then we see the lights turn on with Farooq coming out to the ring in his Jeans and an "APA" T-shirt with a mic on his hands. He got inside the ring with fans cheering him on, and he posed for a few minutes and then stood inside the ring with his theme cutting off.

"Well, I still see i get a standing ovation after Frenzy. That match was a fluke, but it made me realized that a guy like Miz has true potential in XWI. I give him some props for kicking my ass that Friday ago, although that don't mean I'll give up just yet in this place."

The fans chant "Miz Sucks" while Farooq was smiling at them.

"I know that he sucks like eggs, and i don't doubt how much he's plain overrated, hell i wanted to get him back to reality that the world doesn't revolve around himself. One time, i met a guy who was like The Miz and guess what? He got his ass beaten more then a guy named Skinner. I think he should be careful about disrespecting a veteran like me, I broke all the barriers to become the first Black/African American to win the WCW Heavyweight title that paved the way for generations to come. "

The fans chants his name out loud.

"DAMN!, that was a good one you fans just chanted out!, if anyone doubts me because of my first loss against the Miz...Better think again, because I will hunt down anyone who wants to be hunted. Beware XWI, Damnation has come to take over this place; be warned FnF superstars.. "

Farooq drops his mic and his theme plays over the PA system, he leaves the ring with the fans cheering for him as the scene comes to a close..

EORP..any comments? Very Happy
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I am NOT Jealous...Just DAMN Mad!
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