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 The Age Of Orton Continues

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PostSubject: The Age Of Orton Continues   Thu May 02, 2013 7:11 pm

["I hear voices in my head they talk to me they understand, they talk to me!" suddenly erupts and the the theme continues as Randy Orton walks from behind the curtain and stands on the stage with the XWI Championship slung over his shoulder. He looks left slowly, then right, then rolls his neck around before staring forward again as he begins to make his way slowly down the ramp with a blank stare. Once he reaches the bottom of the ramp, he looks left to right again and begins walking backwards with a light stride until he reaches the ring steps. He then slowly walks up them and along the edge of the apron until he reaches the middle where he ducks between the middle rope and spins around once he enters the ring and faces the crowd. He then begins striding backwards across the ring and turns around when he reaches the turnbuckle. He then clutches the top rope with both hands on either side of the turnbuckle pad and looks left to right again before lifting himself and slowly arching his body into an upright position, standing tall over the crowd. He then throws his arms up in his signature pose as the camera scans around him. He then hops down and motions for a mic. An official hands him one and he strides backwards into the middle of the ring. He stops as the crowd boos and he smiles a cocky grin before raising his mic to speak.]

"The saga continues.....and whether you people like it or not, I am STILL XWI Champion and it will be that way for a long, long time to come. The Age Of Orton is going strong and has been the greatest era in XWI history. I'm sure most of you disagree and some of you probably hoped I would lose after you've been behind me for months, cheering me on and idolizing me, but now like the bandwaggoning hypocrites you are, you boo me and despise me but whether you love or hate me, the one thing that stays the same is my dominance and success as XWI Champion and I will continue my prosperous career in this company with or without you people, and I don;t give a damn what any of you think because I'M the one who's competing in this ring every week, not any of you and I continue to prove myself no matter what negative things people say about me in their jealousy, I continue to beat them all and prove that I'm better than them, just like I showed Dolph Ziggler last night once again that he is nothing but a wannabe and I feel a huge relief now that he is FINALLY out of my way for good. Dolph, last night was your third strike, and now you're out. You're out of the title picture for good as long as I hold this title so if you want to be a champion ever again, you should go bug Cody Rhodes and you two can have a pissing contest over each others egos and "Show The World" that when you fail at something, just lower yourself to a lesser goal so that you don't fall completely to the bottom even if the bottom is where you belong because Dolph you're nothing but a bottom feeder and a leech and I finally flicked you off and left you to feed off from someone else as I stand here STILL XWI Champion and you all sit there still in The Age...Of...Orton!"

[He drops his mic and climbs the turnbuckle as he raises his arms in his signature pose with the title on his shoulder as the camera fades to black]

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The Age Of Orton Continues
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