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Rey Mysterio


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PostSubject: Mysterio619   Sun May 05, 2013 12:58 pm

[Micheal Cole Runs into Rey Mysterio before Down to the Count PPV]

(Rey Mysterio stops when Cole was asking Mysterio a question)

Micheal Cole: Rey Hold on for a second can i get some of your thoughts on your lost against Wade Barrett last week on Special Show in your Extreme Rules match.

Rey Mysterio: Sure but make it quick Amigo, because i have to get ready for my triple threat match against one of The Shield and his name is Seth Rollins and from a member of APA Ron Simmons.

Micheal Cole: Okay it wont take long I'll promise you Rey.

Rey Mysterio: Okay Homes it better not be because if it takes to long i might come in hunt you down like a Dog you got that Essay.

[Micheal begins to speak with Rey]

Micheal Cole: How does it feel to lose your match against Wade Barrett on special Show in your Extreme Rules match with Wade Barrett in your last week special show.

Rey Mysterio: Well you see Cole when i first lost two of my matches it was a fluke, because i was facing the intercontinental champion Dashing Cody Rhodes and that was like in some where in last march but anyway like i was saying Amigo, when i lost my first match against Cody Rhodes in our first singles match so now i am done with Cody Rhodes and let's get down with our second Finalist of my other opponent from last week on Special show is Wade Barrett.

Micheal Cole: Well can you explain how did you lose against Wade Barrett last week on special show in your Extreme rules match with that same guy you faced last week on special show when you was in the ring with Wade Barrett.

[Rey Continues talking about his opponent]

Rey Mysterio: you see Cole when last week on Special show when i was losing and my Extreme rules match with Wade Barret then i had no choice to lose against him Once in for all because i was nervous that i was gonna get my face busted open by wade Barrett, in our Extreme rules match.

Micheal Cole: Well and further is that you well be in your last match with one of the team member of the Shield Seth Rollins and from APA group Ron Simmons.

Rey Mysterio: Well Micheal what ever i do is this if i don't win my Triple threat match then i might just for fit my Triple Threat match
then since i can't Defeat both of my opponents on Down to the count, so Seth Rollins and Ron Simmons I'm Coming after you because when ever that bell rings and who ever get's eliminated then I'll be your winner of that triple threat match.

Micheal Cole: Well ladies and gentlemen you all heard it from Rey, and we well see you next time on XWI and we well also see Mysterio in action with Seth Rollins and Ron Simmons and his Triple threat match, so good luck you three gentlemen because you three are gonna need it at Down to the count.

Micheal Cole: So goodnight and join the PPV down to the count so we see you next time folks so goodnight everyone.

[Rey Walks away from Micheal so Mysterio can get ready for his match this Tuesday night at Down to the count]
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PostSubject: Re: Mysterio619   Mon May 06, 2013 2:43 am

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