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 All American American

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PostSubject: All American American   Sun May 05, 2013 5:21 pm

The camera opens and we are live in the XWI. The camera takes a quick view of the fans who wave the banners of their favorite superstar in the air. In moments of time silence builds up as the XWI Universe get restless.. with each second passing by the excitement increases and all of a sudden.. the silence breaks as Jack Swagger's theme hits '

Jack Swagger walks in with a smirk in his face he spreads his hands.. with the fans welcoming him with Loud Boos.. Swagger makes his way along the ramp.. he stops midway and hits his pushups.. as the pyro hits. He then gets back on his feet and reahces the ring side. On his way to the ring he grabs a Mic and quickly walks on the steel steps and into the ring. The fans continue to BOO.. He waits for the attendance to settle down as be begins to speak

.::: Jack Swagger ll All American American :::.

This is exactly why I am here.. You fans right here are the reason this great country is going downhill. When you fail to see a true master, a true saviour.. a true leader in myself. I am America's last hope and i DEMAND Respect [BOO]. But like every good leader.. just like every great warrior in history.. the odds have always been against them and i will prove everyone what Jack Swagger is all about.

Now.. I watched XWI showcase all the big names of professional wrestling.. soo the idiotic old timers.. try rising in this company.. and claiming a name for themselves but NO MORE. Ladies and Gentlemen.. I am here to remind you all that we live in 2013.. and not in the 90s.. This is the XWI. Xtreme WRESTLING Impact... this is a wrestling entertainment industry and I don't know about you people but having people like Farooq, Booker T, Kane, Triple H and the several others is idioticy.

They can't fight, all they do is make a fool out of themselves and this shall stop. I walk in this company as the Iron Patriot from the Ironman. i walk in as a savior.. As an American in service for the People of the Unites States of America. Ever since I was a little boy, My father told me one day I shall do my duty and serve my country.. And now here I am. This may not be Iraq.. but here in the XWI I serve my country by making this place better. By changing your views and guiding you people to sanity. I made my debut against Rey Mysterio, but that mouse stole a victory. I was disappointed but this Thursday I Got the win. I took out Farooq there.

Now many of you maybe confused with the Miz coming out there .. and Chris Jericho trying to be the hero of the day.. It's all a confused scenario.. But Jack Swagger shall solve this situation. Ever since I stepped in the XWI I planned to form a dominant force.. I saw the list of wrestlers.. Miz has had a bad run but after his impressive victory on Friday.. we had a talk and we did have a lot in common. For starters we both agreed to the fact that Farooq doesn't belong here. TeJ seemed to have heard about that and have put us in a Gaunlet match with Jericho on our side. We are against CM Punk and Jericho.. Weather you like us or hate us.. I want you to be clear on weather you will be on our side or not.. Because weather with or without you.. CM punk is going to lose

After Jericho's actions on Thursday.. I on behalf of the Miz would like to say that If you step in our way on Tuesday.. Me and The Miz will be your worst nightmare. Don't come in our business or else ...

As Jack Swagger talks he is BOOed loud and all of a sudden he is intercepted by _________ ''

TBC : The Miz [RyanWolf] , Chris Jericho [FTV]

OCC : My promo sucked.. sorry still need to get a hang of Swagger
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PostSubject: Re: All American American   Sun May 05, 2013 6:22 pm

OOC: I liked the promo, but dammit I thought you'd be using the new Jack Swagger Sad
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PostSubject: Re: All American American   Mon May 06, 2013 6:15 pm

'' Just as jack Swagger is done speaking,rose and Randy orton come closer as they have a staredown. The Two men seem to have an exchange of some words.. And then all of a sudden the Lights turn off and the Fans Scream Then the Words 'Break the Walls down'' bring the arena to life and we can feel the environment turn into a Party as the fans are on their feet screaming their voices out with the arrival of Chris Jericho ''

The Lights turn off as the anticipation increases we see sparkling lights. The camera came to a man standing in the back arms outstretched. Both arms shook some as the man spun around turning on one heel revealing himself to be Chris Jericho.

The Music hits and the lights are turned back on as it is none other than their Savior, Y2J Chris Jericho, The Ayatollah of Rock and Roll'a as the fire works hits. He turns back and with a big smile on his face as the fans cheer loud. He then walks the ramp in his Jericho style manner

As he walks, Camera focuses on Jack Swagger who doesn't look happy one bit. Jericho grabs a mic as he enters the ring area and quickly walks on the steps and in the ring. He Raises his hand as the fans Cheer loud and are pumped up. Jericho takes a good look at jACK sWagger as he screams and pumps up the crowd. He then turns to look at Orton.. The two men stare for a while until the crowd settles. He then takes the mic to his mouth and just when he is about to speak Dean Ambrose interupts him .. Just as he is about to speak, Jericho cuts him off.

ORR Elsee ??? OR ELSEE.. Or else what Swagger.. What are you going to do about it.. [Jack gets pissed off and tries to reply but Jericho cuts him off]WOULD YOU PLEASE SHUT THE HELL UP !!
[Huge Cheers]

I could care less about your opinions and quiet frankly I don't need you in that match. I have been having a pretty rough few months.. firstly cause of Punk then Cody.. then Ambrose and recently By Orton. I am tiered of being screwed.. and being the victim. But no more.. things will change.. and Swagger if I were you I would step away because I am not someone to mess with. It's a gauntlet match Swagger, so please I don't need you and the Miz. Unlike you both that match really means something to me.

i have been given a chance to remove CM Punk from this company, the man who has knocked me down from the back more times than I can count with his dirty games. But nonetheless it all ends on Tuesday. Now please spare me from your stupid debates, because quite frankly I couldn't give a rats ass about you two. You were beating down Farooq and that was my business. It bothered me.. It bothered me that two mindless gutless douchebags fell down to the point they would assault a legend such as Farooq. So i did what I had to do.. and you both can cry about it or grow a set and carryon with your lives.

'' Jericho waits for Jack Swagger to Reply as _______ ''


TBC : The Miz [Ryan] / Jack Swagger [GamingLegend]


-FearTheViper- Owner Of XWI-
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PostSubject: Re: All American American   Tue May 07, 2013 5:37 pm

[The arena is quiet when suddenly AWEEEEESOOOOOOOME!!! erupts and a theme begins to play as The Miz walks out from behind the curtain dressed in his ring attire along with a "Haters Love Me" t-shirt, and with a new unusual accessory, an eye patch. He stops on the stage bends over as he swings his arms behind him then slowly lifts them up in his vintage pose. He then spreads his arms out with a cocky grin on his face as he struts his way down the ramp, clutching his eye. He stops at the end of the barracade and backmouths some fans then runs toward the ring and slides up onto the apron, holding onto the middle rope and kicking his leg up as he sits in the corner of the apron in his usual pose. He then pulls himself up and climbs between the ropes.he then walks around the ring and puts one leg up on the middle rope, facing the crowd and puts his hand to his ear to take in the boos. He then spreads his arms out again posing before he demands a mic from the official and hops down, walking to the center of the ring where he joins Swagger and Jericho. He then stands there and looks from one to the other and raises his mic to speak.]

"Wah wah WAH, it seems the only one out here crying is you Chris. Crying about what we did to that geezer Farooq and our actions well get this man a tissue because guess what Chris? Out actions were AWESOME and since all these has-beens that get called legends to cover up what they really are, including yourself walk around here expecting the younger guys to respect them for what they've done and paving the road for us is all crap because you haven't paved the road, you're all roadblocks in us younger, more talented superstars' way and since you step aside willingly, we have to take action into our own hands and that is exactly what myself AND Swagger did to Farooq and he's just an example of things to come. Now that that's out of the way, I was in the back being awesome when I overheard Swagger talking and Jack I think you make some very valid points and I can't help but agree with you and of course mr. spotlight hogger over here, Chris Jericho had to interrupt in his whiny voice talking about you're pathetic career here in XWI and your constant losing and your issues with Punk and I couldn't care less about this gauntlet match, hell I don;t even know why I'm in it and I couldn't care even less about CM Punk because honestly I have no issues with him. The only one who seems to be getting on my bad side right now is you Chris and I think you better know your role and zip that loud mouth of yours before Jack and I make it so you can never EVEEEEEEEEEEEER compete......again."

[He mocks Jericho and smirks cockily as Swagger puts his hand on his shoulder and steps forward to take over]

TBC: Swagger or Jericho
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PostSubject: Re: All American American   

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All American American
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