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 Down to the Last Minute

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PostSubject: Down to the Last Minute   Tue May 07, 2013 6:01 pm

The Camera fades in backstage in the Interview Area, where a Female Interviewer is standing near the Interviewee, Shawn Michaels. Before she is allowed to introduce him to the XWI Universe, he takes a hold of her hand that cradles the microphone, and directs it to his mouth.

The Heart Break Kid:
Tonight is the night, when Daniel Bryan will go one on one with Shawn Michaels, in a match that is said to be the match that rejuvenates this business. It's going to be the match that jump starts this engine, that puts the pedal to the metal, that strikes the match and lights this candle. Tonight at Down for the Count, old school will clash with new school. Our different fighting styles are going to mix with our desires to win, and only one of us will be able to walk away from this match the better man with the Hardcore Championship resting on his shoulder. After the dusk has settled there will be no doubt that whoever walks away from this match, walked away the better fighter...the better athlete...and the better man.

The Audience watching this begins to cheer, before the female Interviewer can ask any questions, Shawn puts his hand up and directs her to motion the microphone closer to his mouth.

The Heart Break Kid:
And there is no doubt in my mind to notify me otherwise, that I will walk away from this the better man! My given track record can speak for itself, but I'm not that type of guy anymore. I don't bask in the ambiance of how badly I beat someone in the past. I find that to be very poor in taste. What I do is tell the truth, I keep it "real" like the kids today say. So Daniel, let's speak on some "real" stuff!
You are an arrogant, pompous, angry little man, who has all the talent in the world who will never get far in this business if he continues to treat people like they're nothing but stepping stones to a higher platform. And this road you're on is heading straight to a dead end, I know because I was in your shoes before. I was Mr. High and Mighty, I walked around here like some snob and thought every woman wanted me and every man wanted to be me. But in the long haul I knew I had to change. Because I had all of this love and success from the Wrestling Fans out there, but I was still so unhappy with my delivery. People didn't want to work with me...and at times I was pelted with trash and booed out of arena's all across the world. So Daniel I'm one hundred percent serious when I tell you this, this path that you're on...is leading to nothing but disaster for you. And after I get done with you tonight, I can only hope that the lesson has sunk in.

Shawn Michaels walks away from the camera, as it shortly after fades to black. The big event was set to kick off in a few minutes, and Shawn felt confident in his abilities, but also concerned with his opponent's future. Although he saw Daniel as another competitor he had to take down, he did on some levels care for the little rodent.
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Down to the Last Minute
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