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 The Game finally speaks

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PostSubject: The Game finally speaks   Wed May 08, 2013 2:51 am

As the theme music hits the crowd gets on their feet as triple H shows up on the ramp and has a water bottle in his hand. There are posters of triple H everywhere in the crowd.Triple H spits water in the air and then starts walking down the ramp.He climbs the steel steps and moves in the ring.He climbs the turn buckle and spits in the air.He then stands in the middle of the ring and gets a microphone handed to his as he starts to speak.

It's been a long time since i came and spoke to you guys and tonight it's different because tonight the ass kicker is back.The Game is Back.From Tonight i am not going to wrestle,not going to fight but from tonight i'm going to war against my every opponent.I am going to show every superstar back there what the Game's capable of,He's capable of kicking your ass.

If anyone of you got beef with me,I ain't hard to find. I stand 6'4, I weigh 255 lbs, and I'm usually kicking the hell out of somebody. I've seen people come in this ring and speak about being the most dominant force,i don't want them to feel i'm offended but i find it pretty funny because there is only one dominant guy here and that is The Game!

I feel terrible about losing to ryback because i wasn't giving my 100% and fact is i was going easy.But the kid is nothing but built on steroids. I'm way more man than you could handle if i got started. Play my game and your gonna get hurt.

Just in case you've all forgotten, let me tell you just who in the hell I am. I am THE GAME! And you can bet your ass I'm back to my 100% .This is a game that you don't want to be in because whoever faces me will be in a lot of pain but pain is just temporary, The Game, the game is forever.

No Kiddin' the show got out of my hand.The people came in everyday trying to find the game and the game showed up but never spoke.I had to be silent for a while and give all the new kids a shot so i backed down.But now it's still the same,Randy's the champ and God knows when i'll get a chance to kick his ass and get that gold of his.

Tonight it's start of a new War and i am up for it because I'm the Game and i'm that damn GOOOOODDDD!!!

HHH drops the mic as his theme music hits and he leaves the ring and screen fades away.

End Of Rp

OOC: Feedback would be appreciated.Did a promo after a long time Razz
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PostSubject: Re: The Game finally speaks   Wed May 08, 2013 3:13 pm

Good Rp Mister Whack
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The Game finally speaks
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