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 It's all about to change

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PostSubject: It's all about to change   Sat May 11, 2013 4:16 am

We are live in Saint Louis, The fans are excited as the wave the banners of the wrestlers they support... All of a Sudden, the lights turn off only too give the fans a hope for something big. They respond with a huge applause. The lights are off as the anticipation increases we see sparkling lights. The camera came to a man standing in the back arms outstretched. Both arms shook some as the man spun around turning on one heel revealing himself to be Chris Jericho. He would scream the way he did for Fozzy and fans.


He stopped with a smirk on his face looking directly at the camera.

Music hits and the lights are turned back on as it is none other than their Savior, Y2J Chris Jericho, The Ayatollah of Rock and Roll'a as the fire works hits. He turns back and with a big smile on his face as the fans cheer loud. He then walks the ramp in his Jericho style manner that only he can pull off. He then makes his way to the on the apron as he held the ropes and does his signature pose and enters the ring. He Climbs the turnbuckle and we hear a Y2J Chant, as the fans scream his name to the top of his voice while Jericho is handed a Mic. He gets his feet on the ring and walks around the ring with a big grin on his face. He waits for the fans to settle down as he begins to speak

After Sunday I am one happy man.. Having CM Punk out of the XWI.., is the best thing that could happen. Now I know I haven't been out here confronting you all for a while.. But I have been going through quiet a rough time first with the Masked man then being schemed out of the XWI Championship. Now This sunday we saw Dean Ambrose crowned as the XWI Champion and I only give my best of regards.. after Having faced him thrice.. First time we faced i was attacked by the masked man and CM Punk happened to be the referre the second time well we had Randy Orton who turned against me and Knocked me out.. I always seemed to be the victim of Bad luck around him.. But Now I look and see that Orton surely will be wanting his rematch.. and with CM Punk gone. Ambrose all I got to say that Weather its you or your buddy Randy Orton. You both better watch out because Y2J Chris Jericho ain't backing down. Things have changed and it's only a matter of time that I show to the world why I am a master when it comes to that ring.

Remember this Kharma is a bitch.. CM Punk found that out on Sunday and it's only a matter of time that you will realize the same. I am done being the victim, It's time for Revenge.. iT'S TIME for the Chris Jericho to kick some ass and that starts tonight as I and my old buddy Farooq look to take out the team of The Miz and Jack Swagger. Now well my thoughts about the match is simply that.. I could care less [Mixed Reaction]

I look to get the win.. but there is a lot more in My mind right now.. All the plots all the illusions.. Everything shall be revealed.. when the dust settles.. and When it's time..

'' Chris Jericho smirks and raises his hand as the fans cheer him loud and scream for Y2J.. as the camera fades and the scene comes to an end ''


-FearTheViper- Owner Of XWI-
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It's all about to change
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