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 Roman Reigns shall go down..

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PostSubject: Roman Reigns shall go down..   Sun May 12, 2013 9:10 am

The arena is as silent as The graveyard..with The fans highly held with Their posters.The silence is broken as The Theme song hits The P.A system.

The Big Red Monster.....KANE Enters through The Curtains in usual Outfit with a steel mask ,He looks around The arena and Then proceeds towards The ramp.He then makes his way to the ropes Of the ring and Enters the ring over The ropes. He walks to the Mid Point of The Ring and Then Performs his signature entrance ring Taunt,As He performs The Taunt Bolts of fire come out from The four Turnbuckles present in the ring.A staff member from The Commentary area slides into the ring to Hand over The Mic to Kane and Then slides out...Kane looks around The arena and then He begins to speak..

Last week on Sunday.. this monster did what he told the world he would do. I proved to everyone that there is just one Monster. It doesn't matter how big you are.. It doesn't matter how strong you maybe.. No mortal can beat me..

*Kane gives a psychotic laugh and continues*

I come to a point in my my career that I have taken out soo many men.. from the lights of The Rock Stone Cold.. Sheamus... My brother The Undertaker.. They all have fallen down and now recently to the young Ryback.. a powerhouse of the future.. Though there is one man big man that I haven't taken out.. Until noel.. Until this monday. Roman Reigns.. Last time we stood in the same ring.. I was the Number one Contender for the XWI title while he was just a nobody.. Yet he showed no fear and let me make this clear.. I don't see that as you being brave.. as I see that as absolute foolishness, cause trust me when i Say this you better fear this Monster..

Or else say what you want, think as you will.. In the end they all fall down when this Demon shall burn the very sense out of you. You may have come close to winning that King Of Extreme.. and you THINK you are a strong man.. But I am a monster.. and eveyrthing you belive in will come to an end when yo face me this Monday. Do I make myself clear you Mortal being..

Kane wait's for an answer and he gets intercepted by Roman Reings

TBC : Roman Reigns [DJ]
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Roman Reigns shall go down..
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