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 I'm your Papi

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Rey Mysterio


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PostSubject: I'm your Papi   Sun May 12, 2013 12:14 pm

[Matt Striker stops Rey Mysterio before Monday night War zone]

Matt Striker: Excuse me Rey but can i get on your thoughts on your match last week on Down to the Count.

Rey Mysterio: sure Matt why not.

Matt Striker: well Rey how does it feel to lose your Triple Threat Elimination match at Down to the Count?

Rey Mysterio: Well you see Matt when i lost to of my matches when i was facing the IC Champion Cody Rhodes and then that's when i faced Seth Rollins and Ron Simmons and our Triple Threat match.

Matt striker: Okay, now on Monday Night War zone you have to challenge the Celtic Warrior Sheamus on War zone this Monday night.

Rey Mysterio: Sheamus is no competitive then i am because when i step foot in that ring on war zone then I'll be going to the next PPV for the IC Championship against Cody Rhodes after i get through with Sheamus this Monday on War zone.

Matt Striker: Well Rey i hope you Defeat Sheamus this Monday on War zone because i Believe and you Rey because you are the best High Flyer ever and the XWI because I'll be watching your match against the Celtic Warrior Sheamus this Monday on War zone show.

Rey Mysterio: thanks Matt for everything because i Deserve it because you teach me some support when i came towards you so thank you Matt and I'll promise that i well Defeat the Celtic Warrior Best friend of mine Sheamus on War zone night this Monday night.

(Matt Striker closes the interview stage)

Matt Striker: Well folks you all heard it from Rey because he well be in action this Monday on war zone against the Celtic Warrior Sheamus on war zone.

Matt Striker: so I'll see you guys later on Monday night War zone when Sheamus faces The master of 619 this week on War zone so good night everybody and I'll interview Mysterio again some other time so good luck and make the best two Competitive win this Monday on War zone.

[Rey goes back to his Locker room and get ready for his Big match this Monday on War zone]
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I'm your Papi
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