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 The Alliance of Change

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PostSubject: The Alliance of Change   Mon May 13, 2013 3:23 am

“WHY SO SERIOUS” is heard busting the audio system as Dean Ambrose’s theme song begins to play. The fans in attendance immediately react to it giving big mixed reactions for the New Champion, but clearly the support from the grown up audience overcomes the boos from the little kids. The pop from the fans become even bigger when the “King of the World” walks out from the back with the XWI Championship on his shoulder while being accompanied by the legendary Paul Heyman. They both stop in the stage, Paul standing behind Ambrose as he looks around the crowd for a moment before taking off his vest and showing a shirt with the message “KING OF MY WORLD” on the front and ECW on the back. Heyman starts clapping as the fans begin chanting ECW! Ambrose smirks and they both proceed to walk down the ramp and climb the steel steps. Paul enters to the ring through the ropes while Dean walks across the apron and climbs the turnbuckle from outside. Heyman points at him as he raises his Title high in the air to the audience who cheers and boo him as well. He jumps into the ring and goes to the center of it. Paul hands him a mic but doesn’t speak, instead he points at the titantron where a video starts playing. It is the footage from last night that shows Paul Heyman coming out and reveals his alliance with the Champion as he knocks Randy Orton out cold with his title. The scene returns to the ring and the camera centers on Ambrose who has a big smile on his face. He then starts speaking


Where you expecting someone else Randy? Well that just proves how STUPID you are.. That just proves that even tough you’ve been in this business for SO LONG..you still haven’t learned a thing about it. You, my friend, know NOTHING about the REAL professional wrestling world. The world away from the spotlights. Away from the “family lines”. Away from getting put in the big pot from day one. I’m talking about the world where the likes of me have to EARN being called by a big company. Where he have to send tapes, go in interviews, drive across the country for meetings. That world where I…am the King!

He shows a big smile on his face as he says this as his fans clap to him


And because you know nothing about MY world, you couldn’t realize that there was it was ME the whole time. You couldn’t realize that the only man who could fulfill this man’s profile a hundred percent..was the same man who took away your precious title. But how could a “rookie” beat the man with the longest reign in the history of the XWI? The answer to that question has name, and that name is Paul…HEYMAN!

A part of the fans cheer loud for Heyman as he mouths “Thank You” Dean the continues


It is because of him that I am what I am right now. It is because of him that I could rise from the bottom of the barrel and climb the ladder to the TOP! It was him who took a clueless guy that had just gotten promoted to the main roster, and guided him through the path of success to make him a World..CHAMPION! And for that all I have to say is, thank YOU Mister Heyman

They shake hands as the clapping from crowd starts. Paul then takes the mic and proceeds to address the people in attendance

I have to thank YOU Dean for making me believe that there’s still hope for this business to be as great as it was back in the day. I have to thank you for restoring my faith in guys like yourself who have the guts and the will to achieve greatness in this world, but most importantly who have that “IT” factor that makes you special. That “it” factor that one day will make you become a LEGEND of professional wrestling

You see, the first time I saw Mister Ambrose here, was when he had his debut match against Stone Cold Steve Austin, and I am glad to say that I was very surprised of what I had just seen. I actually was SHOCKED after watching such an amazing performance in this ring as well as with this mic. After the match was over I realized that that young man was exactly what I was looking for. I realized that he had everything in his being to be the champion and face of the XWI, he only needed someone who would help him avoid the pool of sharks that is the backstage. He just needed someone who would take care of the politics in the office while he’d be doing great things out here. So when he was finished destroying one of the biggest name of wrestling, I rushed back to the locker room only to get to talk to him and ask him to do me the honor of letting me be THAT someone who would give him a hand when he needed one. That someone who would stand by his side while he conquered..this..world

Dean walks to Heyman and asks for the mic to speak again


I didn’t have to give it much thought because when the legendary Paul Heyman comes to you and offers you a deal..you just gotta TAKE IT! I did it and my life immediately changed. Everything from that moment on just became better and better with the help of this great man and his brilliant plan. A plan that was made with the only purpose of bringing a new era to this business. A plan that was made to change the landscape of this company for the better. A plan that last tuesday, achieved it’s goal of change when we ENDED Randy Orton’s days as champion…

He smirks as he says this and then continues


Oh Randy, You have NO IDEA how much I enjoyed taking this title away from you. While I was listening to the ref counting second by second I was just impatient for the ten to come and when it did, it was one of the best moments of my ENTIRE life because thanks to me, this company and this championship can finally be free from you. I just hope you enjoyed your time as champion Randy because now that I have everything in my hands, this company, this title, the power that comes with it, ALL!...I will make SURE that you never get close to them AGAIN!

Dean drops the mic and lifts his championship while his music plays again until the scene ends with the screen fading to black


OOC: For those who don’t like to read the entrances, you HAVE to read it to understand the introduction line
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The Alliance of Change
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