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 Not the End just a new Beginning

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PostSubject: Not the End just a new Beginning   Mon May 13, 2013 5:27 pm

-The Opening scene proceeds in the middle of the ring, the fans in attendance are going crazy for the Heart Break Kid who grabs a microphone. Inside the confinements of the ring there is a towering ten foot ladder that Shawn climbs to the top of. The fans cheering decreases to a moderate level allowing Shawn to begin his speech.-

The Heart Break Kid||Shawn Michaels:
It was right here in this very ring, where I began a streak, continued a streak, then ended a streak. It was also right here in this ring where I suffered my most recent defeat against the Hardcore Champion. Am I torn up about it? A little bit, but it's not like I'm going to start flipping out backstage. In the end we both got what we really wanted, which was Respect. For those who cried for what you thought was the end at Down for the Count, I say unto you, do not cry. It's not the end, it's just a new beginning. The end of Streaks and Careers are natural in this Business, nothing lasts forever. My match was a blood bath, it was just what I said it would be. Bloody, Carnage, and the personification of what happens when two men who are fueled with the same desire enter a ring together. As far as regrets go I have none. In the end the you all enjoyed it and that's all that matters to me at this point. The Hardcore Championship may not be with the man I would have hoped, but it is on the shoulder of the rightful Champion. And who knows, maybe this was fated to happen, maybe the good Lord's got something bigger and better waiting for me on the other side.

Like a match with a former XWI Champion perhaps...a match with the man who is responsible for ending the career of the most controversial superstars known to man...a match with a man who is known as The Showoff, but better known to the public as Dolph Ziggler. I've been on the opposite end of a John Cena beating and they're not easy to take. His power, charisma, and resiliency was at a point where even I thought I may not be able to keep him down. I've won against him, lost against him, and teamed with him on numerous occasions. And I can honestly say that John Cena was the only man I've ever met that had just as much undying passion for this business as I have. It's all over now, no longer will hear the start of "My Time is Now". No more will we see the ol' famous...

-Shawn puts his hand in front of his face and proceeds moving it back and forth, as the fans begin a Cena chant.-

The Heart Break Kid||Shawn Michaels:
..."You can't see me"...

-Shawn unveils a smile behind his hand, and continues on with his thought.-

The Heart Break Kid||Shawn Michaels:
it's like a hard pill to swallow when you have to stand and witness the beginning and end of the same Career. Especially if you were to consider them a friend, but Time goes on and so must we. We can't continue to live in the past of John Cena's Era and mourn my obliterated streak, but we can learn from these events and move on from them by focusing on what the future has in store. Such as Dolph Ziggler one on one with Shawn Michaels. The Showoff meets The Showstopper in one on one action, not to mention it'll be a contest ruled under Extreme Rules. Which I find to be the perfect match type to punish someone in. Ziggler is the type of kid who I once was, who walks out there thinking that the good people of the XWI are on his time. When it's the opposite way around. Ziggler thinks that he's the greatest thing going for the XWI and that everyone frails in comparison to him but I've got news for him, Dolph Ziggler, Nick Nemeth, Mr. Spirit Squad himself has yet to have taken me down.

-The fans begin to cheer loud once again as the camera zooms in on the seriousness being depicted on Shawn's face.-

The Heart Break Kid||Shawn Michaels:
You can't just leave and come back years later with a different name and look only to claim to being the Showoff, you haven't earned the right to call yourself that. Because you have nothing that is worth showing off. Yeah you may have ended a ten year career but I seriously doubt that you have what it takes against me. And tonight will be the only shot that you get, against someone who you will never come close to being. You have the chance of a lifetime to actually make headlines again...so why not take the chance while you still have one?

-"Sexy Boy" begins playing over the PA System and the fans roar with satisfaction from Shawn's latest monologue. He looks out to both sides of the arena before climbing down the ladder, and heading towards the locker room. While making his way up the ramp the scene comes to a close once he approaches the ramp and does his signature muscle pose towards the audience.-
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PostSubject: Re: Not the End just a new Beginning   Mon May 13, 2013 6:25 pm

OCC : Awesome promo as always mahn


-FearTheViper- Owner Of XWI-
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Not the End just a new Beginning
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