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 Letting out my Frustrations

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PostSubject: Letting out my Frustrations   Tue May 14, 2013 3:12 pm

*The scene opens up in the XWI open arena with the crowd buzzing. All of a sudden, Roman Reign's face appears on the titantron as he is holding the camera himself like usual. The crowd gives a mixed reaction mostly boos and he smirks.*

Roman Reigns: My name is Roman Reigns, the man that speared Daniel Bryan on Monday and got a win against the so called monster, Kane. And all I've been getting since spearing Daniel Bryan is "Why?". What the hell do you mean why? I've stated on multiple occasions that I hate Daniel Bryan and that I would do anything to get into his head but this time, I caused him physical pain and I hope he enjoys it. In fact, I'm not even going in the ring in spite that Daniel might want to walk out again and talk like a blabbering idiot...

*He rubs his chin and pauses for a minute*

Roman Reigns: Actually, I'm going to go out to that fucking ring. Oops I just broke the fourth wall.

*He sets the camera on the ground as you see his feet walking away and the cameras cut to the arena. Just then...*

*The music of Roman Reigns plays and another mixed reaction emotes from the crowd. He storms out onto the stage with already a mic in hand and raises it to his face swiftly.*

Roman Reigns: To quote that disgusting worm, NO! Cut that damn music!

*The music cuts and begins to slowly walk down the ramp while talking. The crowd is now giving cheers at the intensity.*

Roman Reigns: You people or the management in back don't deserve to see me out here right now because fact of the matter is I have been sick of this fucking company since you showed up Daniel and ever since multiple greats left such as Edge or Brock. And yes, I call them greats because when they were here they actually meant something. They didn't blurt out idiotic catch phrases and prance around the ring they did something with their time and I can see why they left. Maybe when I win your title, Daniel, I'll run to Friday Night Frenzy because honestly they actually have a decent show! Maybe I'll just leave and take the title with me!

*Roman rolls into the ring now and the crowd is cheering. He quickly raises the mic to his face again.*

Roman Reigns: I speared you Monday to make a point. To make a point that you should never have won that match on Monday. It was all 3 champions in the ring but the two that you were facing actually meant something. Dean Ambrose especially, remember, I'm a fucking Paul Heyman guy as well. Hell even Barrett should have won that match because at least he's made his impact here. All you've done is get kicked in the chin a couple times by Shawn Michaels and brag about your 3 week long title reign! It's ridiculous. I would have rather seen Orton come in and take you out after instead of Dean because at least Orton's and Dean's wins aren't all flukes!

*Roman paces a little bit and runs his hands through his hair. He walks back to the center of the ring.*

Roman Reigns: And yes, I am furious. I'm furious because a man like Randy Orton held that title for long enough and he's trying to make himself feel special by invoking a rematch, who the hell wants to see that again. I should be holding every title, because at least I can bring this mic to my face each week and actually say something worthwhile! So many guys here crave that spotlight that they're never going to reach but they keep trying but that is NOT how it works. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There's no point in being a damn fool about it. Now Daniel... do you understand why I'm angry? I'm sick of you, I'm sick of the main eventers, and I'm sick of being ignored. I'll beat you like a bitch, Daniel. When I win that title, no longer will I be ignored...

*He drops the mic and throws his arms up in the air. His music doesn't play so all you hear is the cheers from the crowd. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He screams "I am REAL!" as the scene fades to black.*

OOC: Man that felt nice.

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Letting out my Frustrations
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