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 Clear Facts

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PostSubject: Clear Facts   Wed May 15, 2013 4:49 am

The scene starts with the screen fading in to the image of the XWI Championship. The camera starts zooming out to shows us the current world champion Dean Ambrose sitting on a couch with Paul Heyman. The title belt is resting on a coffee table in the center of the living room where the scene is taking place. Paul begins speaking while Dean stays back looking at the camera

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and I am here in my client’s house with him, the current XWI champion of the world Mister Dean Ambrose. We are here to address some things that happened last night, and that have also been going on through this day. Things that we are going to make perfectly clear to all of those watching this on live television, specially, those who have set their eyes on MY CLIENT’s holy grail

To start, we want to talk about the main event of last night’s Warzone. Now don’t take what we’re about to say as some sort of excuse from Dean Ambrose’s part, because this is not at all the case. We are putting out this fact with the only purpose to let clear to FORMER champion Randy Orton that him trying to put down my client’s image referring to two aspects, one being that he tries to fool everyone by saying that he and he ALONE took this company to the top, and that he brought prestige to the XWI championship when the fact is he devalued the highest prize in this organization and with that he lowered the name of the Xtreme Wrestling Impact federation instead of making it better to the eyes of the world. And the other one being him talking about Dean’s “lost” to the other two champions. Those are in fact pointless remarks. They are accusations with no base whatsoever. Yes, speaking in a STRICTLY TECHNICAL way, my client DID lose his match yesterday; however him not winning wasn’t his fault at all. Him not winning last night was caused by other two men COMPLETELY unrelated to Mister Ambrose

The first men responsible for him not getting the victory last night, is Wade..Barret. The current Intercontinental champion wasn’t up to the main event that took place on Monday Night Warzone. His performance was so NOT that from what a champion should do on the ring. His lack of skills, movement, ability, intelligence, were the reason that at the end of the match led to him getting put down to the mat to get three-counted and let Daniel Bryan come out victorious. This man right here is a human; he can NOT be at all places at the same time. It was Barret’s responsibility to look out for himself and try not to get pinned down. Yes, we admit that it was my client’s mistake not being there when the three count happened, but it was only because he never thought that Wade Barret could lose in such a pathetic way. He never thought that a man who currently holds a CHAMPIONSHIP BELT, could be defeated by a roll up. How humiliating. We feel sorry for you Mister Barret, but we feel MORE sorry for that championship that you have right now because in your hands, just like this XWI title when it was on Randy Orton’s hands, it’s going to lose all..it’s..value

And as far as Daniel Bryan goes, my client and I don’t want you to get your ego very high up in the air. We don’t want you to think that you have done a great thing, because you haven’t. We want you to keep your feet on the ground and not let the fact that you won last night’s match, elevate your hope of being the top guy in this company because the momentum you got from last night means NOTHING. You won, yes, but you did it at the expense of a pathetic, unworthy excuse of a champion who, I repeat, caused that Mister Ambrose didn’t get to win last night

Dean leans to the front and begins to speak while Heyman leans back to rest in the couch


But Wade Barret wasn’t the only one responsible for not letting me win and prove to EVERYBODY that I..am the better champion. As Paul said, it was two men’s fault. Yes I did make the mistake of letting Daniel Bryan get that easy victory, but there is a reason behind it. There is a reason for me not being a hundred percent into the match. There’s a reason for me not being able to intercept the last move that led to Bryan’s victory. That reason is that from the VERY beginning to the END of the match..I was distracted. Distracted by the fact that, just minutes before, my future was decided by Jeff..Hardy. The man who, along with Barret, I blame for disturbing MY mind and NOT letting me be able to win


Jeff last night you tried to come out as “mister right” with the little speech you gave, but the truth is that YOU are right in the bottom of the list of the “good guys”. You complained about the fact that the whole reign of Randy Orton was all about himself and yet, last night when you went down to that ring, you were only thinking about YOU and what YOU could gain. You never stopped to think about ME. You never stopped to think on the repercussions that your announcement would have on me. You never stopped to think that the image of you letting us all know that you’re going to be the contender for MY title at the PPV, would be on my mind during one of the MOST important matches I’m ever going to have in the XWI. That image of you Hardy, didn’t even let me pay attention to what was going on right in front of MY eyes when Daniel Bryan was getting and easy win. That image of YOU JEFF! is going to HUNT ME DOWN UNTILL I LOSE MY MIND! BECAUSE IF WAS BECAUSE OF IT! that I got HUMILIATED in front of MY WORLD! In front of MY KINGDOM!...

Ambrose gets very upset and kicks the table in front of him in as a sign of desperation. He then looks down to the floor and takes deep breaths to calm himself down. When he finally does, he looks up again and continues


Hardy there’s something VERY important that you should know about me. No one, and I mean NO ONE! messes with MY business, EVER! Chris Jericho did it and I gave him a BEATING that he will NEVER forget Randy Orton did it and I took his precious title along with his success away from him. Now you come and do the same thing. You messed with me. You got in to my business. You put yourself in a place where you simply DON’T belong, so now, I’m gonna have to take care of you. Now, you are in a place where, trust me, you don’t want to be because those who get in there, only live to regret the fact that they decided to step in MY WAY


There are still three weeks until we have to face each other in that ring Jeff, but by then, I assure you that you’re going to be ALL drained out of will to live. From this point to that night of the PPV, I’m going to grab YOU and take you to the very ROCK BOTTOM. I’m going to put you through the WORST TIME of your PATHETIC existence and when the time for us to meet comes, it will be MY time to be the cause of YOUR defeat, and the only chance you will EVER get to try to get MY title,WILL..BE…GONE!!

As he says these final words, the screen slowly fades to black giving an end to the scene


OOC: Feedback anyone?
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PostSubject: Re: Clear Facts   Wed May 15, 2013 7:20 am

affraid Wow that was frickin off the chain... the promo couldn't get any better than that, Paul hayman bit was just past real. and Ambrose he's geting to the point of being the actual person. cheers Finally someone speaks of Hardy


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PostSubject: Re: Clear Facts   Thu May 16, 2013 10:50 am

OCC : That was an amazing promo.. I really love the character Dean Ambrose has and you play an amazing Pual Heyman.. Great job.


-FearTheViper- Owner Of XWI-
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PostSubject: Re: Clear Facts   

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Clear Facts
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