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 Making A Statement

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PostSubject: Making A Statement   Thu May 16, 2013 3:15 pm

*The scene opens up backstage where Josh Matthews is standing next to Matt Hardy and the crowd cheers.*

Josh Matthews: Ladies and Gentlemen I'm here with...

*Matt pushes him lightly out of the way and takes the mic. He looks straight into the camera.*

Matt Hardy: Matt Hardy. That's my name. Last week I proved to everyone that I was better than AJ Styles, and this company must've looked highly on that because tonight I'm in the Main Event against the World Champion. A win tonight would be everything. I'll try to be a man of few words here. A win tonight would secure myself into XWI contention and put myself in the title picture where I belong. I promised when I spoke for the first time that I was going for the champ and well champ, nows that time. Although you have Paul Heyman at your side, I still don't see you walking out tonight as the victor because Matt Hardy never dies. I will not lose tonight because I am more determined than I have ever been in my career and I'm going to prove that. You're a fluke of a champion, just like Randy Orton, and I'd much rather see my brother Jeff take that from you. But that's in the future. Tonight I take you down, Dean. Count on it.

*He walks away with a smirk on his face as the scene fades to black.*

OOC: Sorry for it sucking. I wanted to make a big RP with you, JF, but a certain incident happened here where I can only come on here for about 5 minutes a day until Sunday. Wanted to get something up.
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Making A Statement
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