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 Because I CAN

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PostSubject: Because I CAN   Mon May 20, 2013 2:55 pm

'' The Scene Opens and we are live in Xtreme Wreslting Impact. The arena fills up as the fans take their seats and after a couple minutes the show intro plays on the titantron. Then the arena gets quiet as the show is about to begin when suddenly Daniel Bryan's theme hits to give a mixed reaction, ''

'' Daniel bryan then makes his appearance with a cocky smile and a Microphone and cuts the music as he begins to make his way in the ring and speaks on his way ''

Daniel Bryan ll Hardcore Champion


'' Daniel Bryan hops along the ramp showing off his Hardcore Title as the fans cheer him along and he continues to speak ''

Ever since I was a little kid. I dreamed to be a wrestler.. I have had people demotivate me and say I would be NOTHING.. But I proved them wrong all along my way

'' Daniel Bryan walks along the ring side area.. as the Fans chant ''DANIEL BRYAN'' and he walks on the steel steps and into the ring ''

BUT i proved them wrong.. Just like my haters in the XWI. It's quiet ironic that I got a man like Roman Reigns who is entitled for a title shot on my title anytime within 2 weeks Notice.. A Man who is prolly in the top of that list of people who hate me. He has come out here and ranted about his problems.. and how he hates the way I talk, Hates how I Degrade this title

'' Daniel Bryan gives a little chuckle as he gives himself a moment and he continues to speak ''

Incase you didn't notice Roman Reign.. I Have beaten a Former XWI Champion Randy Orton. I have Beaten Shawn Michaels.. I have jsut beat Dean Ambrose and Wade Barrett last Monday.. So weather you like it or not.. You are going to see a lot of ME on TV because I deserve to be here. I deserve to be the Hardcore Champion. You may hate how I talk and how people love me.. But What I really am Is a WRESTLER and nothing else. That is exactly what I do best.. as I have learnt my craft from around the world and If you think for one second you are a better wrestler.. A Better Performer. I Have scratches and clawed to where I am today and I couldn't give a Rat's ass to what a nobody like you think about me.

I have Beaten your ass Once and I will beat your ASS Again. Well But again.. Roman Reigns exactly proved the kind of man he is when he speared me.. When he talks behind my back. He is nothing but a Coward.. Now he may have had some success but compare anyones win loss Record with mine and that right there will prove the kind of Champion I am. Tonight I go against a Animal.. A Beast. A Monster like Batista who on his first match had the ring Shattered. Since Roman Reigns hasn't used his contract. This is batista's chance to maybe get a future title shot. But as of right now.. Nothing is certain... Except the fact that whatever ever happens.,. tonight Batista better be ready because I am going to bring a fight to him because I CAN

'' Daneil Bryan has a serious look in his eyes as hois theme plays.. He raises his title and the fans CHANT as the camera fades and the scene comes to an end ''

End Of Roleplay


-FearTheViper- Owner Of XWI-
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Because I CAN
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