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 The Animal's Address

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PostSubject: The Animal's Address   Thu May 23, 2013 4:07 am

As the theme music hits the fans are shocked and batista shows up on the ramp.He smirks and walks down the ramp and pauses. Pyro shoots out of the stage as if machine guns were placed in its replacement.The ramp starts shaking as batista does his Firework taunt and ends with a big one.Batista climbs the steel steps and moves in the ring. He then gets a microphone handed to him and he starts to speak.

You all have witnessed a pure example of power and dominance in my matches.You have seen a true powerhouse, an Unleashed beast.I want to clear the air for some people around here,I didn't come here to make friends, I came here quite simply to beat people up, and make money while doing so,But most importantly I came back because the fans needed someone,Needed a true entertainer and not so mood swinging looney toon characters like orton and Jericho.

Bat-Is-Ta Chants begin as they fill the arena

They need someone who will stick with them through thick and thin. And that is me, the animal. The theme may say I walk alone but in reality I walk with them,I walk with the people.It's not about any Superstar here or the GM or the Champion himself,It's about me and my people,my Fans.

Crowd cheers for batista as he continues to speak.

I have seen the guys come out here,go on and on about their streak,their title reign or about how they will prove themselves after they win but when they face the animal,they are destined,not to win but be dominated by an unleashed animal.Whoever i face next week will also have broken bones.Whether it's Dean Ambrose,Randy Orton or anyone.I am better than them and i can prove it every time i come out here but most importantly i am not here to just win i am here to destroy them like what i did to rey mysterio or Daniel Bryan.

The Animal pauses for a while,then continues to speak.

I've seen John Cena come out here saying that he's here for the fans and not just for glory but before he left he proved to the fans that he isn't worth their trust.he lost to ziggler and left the company for good because he isn't as good as the Animal who stands right in front of you.I won't do all the talking but yes all the beating is what you can see every week and that is My Word to you,the fans.

Batista drops the microphone as his theme music hits and he exits the ring as the scene fades away.

End Of Rp

OOC: Feedback's needed

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The Animal's Address
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