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 The Human Highlight Reel"

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Rey Mysterio


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PostSubject: The Human Highlight Reel"   Sat May 25, 2013 1:44 pm

[align=center][Rey Mysterio Pyro Music Plays and Rey Walks out in towards the Ring]

(Rey Grabs the Microphone and before he gets to speak the Crowd starts to cheer his name)

Crowd: 619,619,619

Rey Mysterio: Last week on Warzone I Defeat one of the chairman and his name was Shane McMahon and I thought it was One Group member from The Shield Seth Rollins but it wasn't Seth Rollins Amigo it was Shane O Mac and I Defeated him by away of Count out because i only one by Count out so that's how i Defeat Shane McMahon on Monday Night Warzone, so With out begin said I would like to Start things off with the Rainbow Warrior Jeff Hardy. Jeff and I are Friends just for now because this Monday Night Warzone its me Challenging my Only best friend Jeff Hardy,Because me and Jeff are like Brothers or something but he already got himself a brother named Matt Hardy Version1.

Rey Mysterio: so when i Step foot inside of that Middle of that Ring with The Rainbow Warrior Jeff hardy then i am on my way to the very top baby because you see when Defeat Jeff Hardy this Monday on Warzone, then hes the one is gonna lose against the Master of the 619, and Jeff i'm coming to your house and Destory your house until you say TLC because at the Next PPV its gonna be Tables Ladders,and Chairs match so i adjust for you Mister Jeffrey Hardy,is to accpted my offer for our Tables ladders and Chairs match at the next PPV.

Rey Mysterio: oh and By the way Jeff I'll see you again some other time because when i Defeat you just like i Defeat Shane O Mac on last Monday Night Warzone, then that can be you as well because i'm not afraid of you Jeff because i faced a lot of People, like The Animal Batista, um Shane O Mac, Seth Rollins and Ron Simmons those are Four Wrestlers i just named and how many Wrestlers did you faced Jeff oh let's see its me, because i know that you faced a lot of Wrestlers then i have on XWI and as i get Done with you Jeff i'm gonna hunt you Down like a Bulldog, because to your Extreme its Awfaul because my Extreme Rules is now just the begining.

Rey Mysterio: so Jeff I'm coming After you, at Monday Night Warzone and all i have to say is make the best High Flyer win at Monday Night Warzone.

[Rey Mysterio Music Plays again and walks backstage and get Ready for his match this week]
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The Human Highlight Reel"
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