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 A new Target

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PostSubject: A new Target   Sat May 25, 2013 6:43 pm

The arena is as silent as The graveyard..with The fans highly held with Their posters.The silence is broken as The Theme song hits The P.A system.

The Big Red Monster.....KANE Enters through The Curtains in usual Outfit with a steel mask ,He looks around The arena and Then proceeds towards The ramp.He then makes his way to the ropes Of the ring and Enters the ring over The ropes. He walks to the Mid Point of The Ring and Then Performs his signature entrance ring Taunt,As He performs The Taunt Bolts of fire come out from The four Turnbuckles present in the ring.A staff member from The Commentary area slides into the ring to Hand over The Mic to Kane and Then slides out...Kane looks around The arena and then He begins to speak..

It's been in my notice that for far too long i have been now taken off as a forgotten memory.. Well let me remind you Mortals that my destruction has cost the lights The Rock, Undertaker, Stone Cold, Sheamus .. while I have beaten several others.. But one name, one man that i haven't taken down is the formal XWI Champion Dean Ambrose.

Well Dean Ambrose.. I have been seeing you rise from the very bottom to the very top.. and You won that XWI Title.. and shocked the world. Just when we thought we had seen everything you got Paul Heyman as your manager and now you give that title up. I see you love attention, You love the spotlight.. But on Monday Ambrose.. you are getting yourself against a man that has no humanity, has no remorce. I step in that ring to fight, to Punch your face as hard as I can. I love the smell of blood pouring through a lifeless body and make no mistake about it. I am a monster and I shall torment your very existence. Ever since the Pay Per View.. I have been lost.. I have no mission and I have lost sight of what i need, And it just dawned me last week after my lose.. and I realized what I needed was my next target.. and I Got one.. Now Dean Ambross you aren't my target but what you are going to be is a stepping stone. I am going to step and crush you down by putting my foot in your face as you scream in pain.. and

[Just as Kane speaks he is interrupted by the words ''WHY SO SERIOUS'']

TBC : Dean Ambrose / JF
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A new Target
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