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Results will be up by Sunday !! !

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 You all were played

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PostSubject: You all were played    Fri May 31, 2013 11:44 am

We are live in Saint Louis, The fans are excited as the wave the banners of the wrestlers they support... All of a Sudden, the Music hits and the fans BOO Loud as the words 'BREAK THE WALLS DOWN'' brings a huge heat in the arena


He stopped with a smirk as the Fans Boo him without any mercy.

Then Chris Jericho makes his appearance with a big grin on his face and the fans BOO him louder as he begins to walk the fire works hits. He turns back and with a big smile on his face as the fans BOO loud and chant Jericho SUCKS. He then walks the ramp in his Jericho style manner that only he can pull off. He then makes his way to the on the apron as he held the ropes and does his signature pose and enters the ring. as the fans scream his name to the top of his voice while Jericho is handed a Mic. He gets his feet on the ring and walks around the ring with a big grin on his face. He waits for the fans to settle down as he begins to speak

Thats a greeting i have been waiting for a very long time. Yeahh.. hate me all you want, But if this is what is going to get me the attention I rightfully deserve so be it. [pauses]

I have been in the XWI since a while now, since the day this company was reborn. I stuck with this company and did all I could. While I have been in this business for a while now, With all I have done.. and my experience I saw all the wrestlers.. I saw them lieing through their teeth, Lying to you, Lying to everyone in the back, Lying to themselves that they were what they claimed to be. Well now I am quiet familiar that none you people share the intellect level that I do so let me put this in simple words.

Now Since the day I enetered this business I have been the shining armor, I have been the guy with all the new ideas, New Storylines. I have been Original. Unlike everyone in the back. Weather it was Dolph Ziggler showing off wheather it was CM Punk claiming to be the best or Matt Hardy with his return of silence. All of them are fakes, all of them are liars.. lying to themselves.. They all try to be ME. They all try to duplicate me, But in the end there is only one Chris Jericho.

I am sure you people believe that you are entitled to an Explanation.. [Pause]

But you again are sadly mistakes, What I Did with CM Punk was play him at a game he considered himself to be the best at. I played him.. He fell for my trap.. Weather it was Dean Ambrose or CM Punk or Randy Orton himself.. while all of them belived they won the fight against me.. they never saw what was coming. Now I realize you all might have many more unanswered questions in your mind.. Well my answer to that is simply that I am as unpredictable as anyone can get. I will leave these questions as a mystery because the joy of watching you people fail to understand what I think is just enjoyable.. I just love watching you fools make a joke out of yourself as I reign at the top of the mountain with no one ...

'' As Chris Jericho talks he is rudely interrupted by ____________ ''

TBC : Anyone


-FearTheViper- Owner Of XWI-
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PostSubject: Re: You all were played    Sat Jun 01, 2013 9:37 pm

Reserving this reply for myself... Rhodes will make the save tomorrow


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You all were played
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