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 Bad Blood

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PostSubject: Bad Blood    Fri Jun 14, 2013 12:09 am

*The crowd gets on their feet with cheers and "Cold Blooded" Matt Hardy walks out onto the stage as he throws up his signature fingers. He smiles at the crowd as he walks down the ramp, slapping fans hands. He rolls into the ring and receives a mic from ringside. His music begins to fade as he walks to the center of the ring with the crowd cheering. He raises the mic to his face.*

Matt Hardy: What a few weeks we have had here in XWI. Please, allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is the Cold Blooded son of a bitch, version 3.0, a man that will NEVER die, Matt Hardy!

*The crowd cheers and he nods his head.*

Matt Hardy: There's just been something about these last few weeks that have really... eaten at me. Maybe it's the fact that I rarely have won here, maybe it's the fact that I have been attacked more times than I have won, or maybe it's just the fact that Jeff and I have been the targets since we both came here. I stated when I joined this organization that Jeff and I had no plans of teaming up or having an alliance. He was walking down his own path and I was down mine. That all changed when Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton decided to attack. Either way at the end of the day, Matt and Jeff Hardy will always be the Hardy Boyz.

*The crowd cheers again and Matt smiles. He paces a bit.*

Matt Hardy: Good. Glad you all agree. I use Jeff's band in my music to support him, whether he realizes that or not. Dean Ambrose just felt he had to make his mark on me weeks ago, ever since I called him out at the Down for the Count PPV. His crosshairs were set on me from Day 1 and I could tell. He has had the upper hand in our battles, he's weakened me and disgraced not only himself but Paul Heyman as well. He has no honor, no courage, nothing but a coward but for some reason... we're paired up this Friday. This Friday, just days away from the Incineration PPV, I am being forced to join arms with Dean Ambrose and take on Dolph Ziggler and Edge. One of my opponents being a former world champion and the other just made his impactful return. Either way, I hope to whatever Dean Ambrose believes in that he doesn't expect to get in my way... At the PPV, we face off in the mid-card, one on one that should settle ALL the bad blood, all the torture. There's no stipulation set yet... I had one in mind...

*Just then, the crowd hears "WHY SO SERIOUS?!"....*

TBCB: JF/Ambrose. Reply about FNF and pick a stipulation Razz
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Bad Blood
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