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 Momentum Build

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PostSubject: Momentum Build   Sat Jun 15, 2013 6:23 am

As the camera starts we can see Triple H sitting in the locker room drinking water. Triple H stares at the camera and starts to speak.

||Triple H - The Game||

You all have witnessed what i have done to rey mysterio last night.I beat him and i am not talking to the fans i am talking to those 5 dreamers out there who think they can win the battle royal this Sunday.I am going to do the same thing that i did last night which is Win!! 

This Win is important to me as it helps in the momentum build up for beating 5 other superstars this Sunday.The dreams of those five boys are gonna be crushed when they see the game as the last man standing in the ring.

I made a promise last night before my match against rey and i will fulfill it because i am the Game and I can !! I have got back to my winning ways in my recent matches and i won't let 5 superstars stop it,i am currently at the top of the world and i won't be brought down.

All of you will look me in the eyes and you will know that i'm the game and I'm that Damn Good!! All the 5 of you should be lucky you got a shot to be in the ring with me,I'll bring my pride and you guys please bring your balls, if you got any.

You all will regret getting in the ring with me because i'm not just gonna win but i'm gonna crush you and destroy you.The medics will have to come down to save you from me and if you don't wanna be beaten up then please just don't come in the ring and do a favor to my sanity but if you still think you got it,then i'd be more then glad to kick your ass because that's what i do and i'm the best at it.

Dolph Ziggler, You are a great guy and we have beaten people up together but don't expect me to get easy on you kid because the more good you think i am the badder i come out when it's to getting a shot.I am going to kick your ass to boy if you get in my way.You don't want to be in the hospital ,and if you really want to be then no problem,mess with me and i'll make your life a living hell.

Chris Jericho,Your 'new' return was lucky for you because you didn't lost yet but the fact stands is that you didn't face me yet and this Sunday you will,so 'the return' of yours won't do ya any good when you get to face the best of this company.The Game is also gonna beat your ass up.

Edge,Edge,Edge you are one lucky bastard.You finally got to be in the big picture.You should celebrate because this is the biggest achievement you'll ever have because this Sunday your dream will be crushed of being a contender because you don't got the testicles to win it.Calling yourself ultimate opportunist wont give do ya any good because this well can be your last opportunity because i am going to beat you that bad that you'll leave the ring on a stretcher.

Kurt Angle and jack Swagger,the two buddies.You are going to be together where ever you go,because your next stop will be the hospital and not just you,the other three will accompany you so don't worry because i am going to make sure you all go there.

I am not just all about talking and all of you know it but the question stands is that,Are you all man enough to Play the Game??!!

HHH punches the screen as the screen goes Black.


OOC:I know i mae it long but i hope it's worth the read Razz
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Momentum Build
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