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 Aftermath of PPV

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PostSubject: Aftermath of PPV   Sun Jun 16, 2013 2:03 pm

The silence of the arena is interrupted by the theme song of "The Animal" Batista! Everyone in the arena jumps to there feet in excitement as Batista comes walking out from behind the curtain at a steady pace. Batista walks on the stage back and forth pumping the fans up with his screams before stopping and begin his descend down the ramp. He stops half way and stoops down as he gets into motion and preforms his taunt as pyrotechnics explode in the background to his motions. Batista slowly gets up and stops for a second before punching downwards causing a huge explosion. He then smiles as he walks down the remainder of the ramp giving fans high fives.He then climbs the steel steps and moves in the ring and gets a microphone handed to him as he starts to speak.

It's a great day people because i finally am relieved.I had a mission of kicking the ass of Dango and I've done it.I waited for this moment for a long time.That Guy never came to the ring and this time he did and like i said,I will beat him up and i did.The best thing that i ever did in my life was joining this company because believe me the money that i get for kicking dango's ass is pretty damn high.

The Level of Anger is still high and i hope no one else wants to taste the same fate as FanDanGo because if anyone wants to get his ass kicked he can sure do one thing and that's mess with me.I am going to not just win but destroy the person that comes in the path of the Awoken Beast.

The one good thing that dango did was make me more angry,he made my rage rise to another level and it ain't gonna go down.The Anima........

Batista is interrupted by _______ theme song.


OOC:Want a new opponent Razz
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Aftermath of PPV
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