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 The Rock shocks everyone

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PostSubject: The Rock shocks everyone   Sun Jun 16, 2013 3:43 pm

the crowd is silent and are waiting to be addressed when the rocks theme song hits the roof of the arena gets blown with a huge pop The fans in the arena just got on their feet and are bursting out with excitement like never before seen in the XWI because entertainment has just arrived in the building.

The People's Champ walks moves the curtains out of his way and stands on the ramp inhaling the atmosphere surrounding him given by the audience..The Rock walks down looking left and right,gets on the edge of the ring and poses on the turnbuckle.Where you see camera are taking shots of the magnificent great one.One of the staff workers hands the Rock a mic,.The music stops and the lights become blue ,he stand in the middle of the ring and the crowd chanting "ROCKY!ROCKY!ROCKY!" and you could see a huge smile on The Rock's face.As he raises the mic to his mouth slowly and lowers his head he begins to speak

Last night The Rock went to war with kane and FINALLY...THE ROCK HAS COMEBACK TO NEW YORK, The Rock told him to bring it and he brought it and he threw at the rock with everything he got and guess what it wasn't enough the rock told the world that when he walks in that night there is no way AND THE ROCK MEANS NO WAY that the big red retard can get the rock to say i quit and he proved to the world that when you go ONE ON ONE WITH THE GREAT ONE you need to have something really special or pull something out of your ass to beat the rock and kane The Rock is not aware what the future holds for you but The Rock wants you to remember this when you come out here and run your mouth about how you are going to torture everyone and how you ended the careers of legends and how you love causing chaos and pain the rock wants you to remember this that it was he who made you shout I QUIT in front of everyone and whopped your ass

The Crowd bursts out with cheers and start chanting "ROCKY!ROCKY!ROCKY!" loudly the rock continues when the crowd calms down a little

Not only did The Rock beat the big red retard he got a chance to be the number one contendor and become the world champion by getting a shot at the XWI championship the rock has a match with Matt Hardy and if the rock beats him which he will the rock will get a shot our current champion Jeff Hardy, The Rock made a promise that he is going to walk in on sunday whop kane's ass beat him and walk out and The Rock delivered now the rock promises that he will be Champion again and then become THE PEOPLE'S CHAMPION and jeff i hope your ready because after the rock beats matt he is coming to give you an ass whopping of a lifetime 

The Rock is hungry for the championship when i fought kane it was personal the rock wanted payback and the rock got it now the rock wants the honour to be the champion and if any of you hardy boys have a problem the rock says this IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT YOU THINK the rock says take your opinion turn those sumbitch side ways and STICK THEM STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS  and jeff you just became champ but when you face the rock TIMES UP because the rock will beat matt hardy and the rock will beat your monkey ass AND THE ROCK WILL BECOME CHAMPION AGAIN

The Rock drops the microphone and exits the arena 

Michael Cole: The Rock did shock everyone when he beat the big red monster king do you think he can do it again ?

jerry Lawller: You are absolutely right cole if there is anybody who can against all odds come out and win it certainly is The most electrifying man in all of sports entertaiment THE ROCK

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The Rock shocks everyone
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