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 Not at my level

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PostSubject: Not at my level   Wed Jun 19, 2013 12:49 pm

As the camera rolls we see HHH in his locker room.The camera is focused at him as he begins to speak.

||The Game - Triple H ||

Sunday i got robbed in the pay per view where Jericho stole the victory away from me and all my hard work had a price which wasn't paid.Instead of giving me a match against Jericho i get to be in a tag team match against kurt angle and jack swagger.Those guys are going to face me again for the 2nd time in a row.

I team with Aj styles tonight and I've actually never heard of that guy.He is not at the same level as me.Instead of getting a match against Jericho i'm stuck in this match.I demand redemption against Jericho not some lousy tag team match with punk ass bitches who think they got the balls to beat the game!

The Game can never be beaten and even Sunday i didn't lose like i said.It was suppose to be my victory and it got stolen and i will get my shot back.I deserve to be in the bigger picture not y2j. I am so angry that i wanna bloody the faces of angle and jack swagger and if i still won't be satisfied i would beat up aj styles too because only for tonight he's my partner after that he's a nobody to me.

No one is at the level of the game because the game is the best this company will ever produce and if anyone says that the game is old and he should leave then he should get  in a match with the game to know what the game is capable of and he  is capable of kicking their asses.

HHH stares at the camera as the camera goes black and scene fades away.

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Not at my level
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