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Results will be up by Sunday !! !

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 XWI- Specia Show Results

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PostSubject: XWI- Specia Show Results    Sun Jun 23, 2013 5:05 am


[Edge and Dolph Ziggler, these two men have hated each other for soo long. Having faced each other in numerous number of matches. It also reached to the extent of having them in a Retirement match. Edge lost and we saw Solph Ziggler go on to take out John Cena as well.. He took a little break and just when Dolph had his eyes set for the gold, Edge made his return and the two men ended up losing in the PPV last Sunday. Now for one last time.. these two men look to end this feud once and for all. With the winner getting a shot for the Hardcore title contender match]

'' As the fans are all excited.. Dolph Ziggler's theme hits and the Fans BOO Loud.. as he walks out with an arrogant smirk and a mic in his hands.. He wastes no time as he takes a few steps and starts to speak ''

Dolph Ziggler: Tonight i am going to make history just like i always do...In a moment i will face Edge in an Extreme Rules Match..and when i beat Edge ...i will have to beat three other superstars in a Ladder Match..I know thats a lot of superstars ..and plus going from an extreme rules to a four way Ladder match is no big deal for me.

So Tonight once again i will outclass Edge ..and steal the show by beating  all other superstars like they are bunch of amateurs ..and when i do that..i will be the no 1 contender for the Hardcore Title..Show Off .

||Opening Match||
||Extreme Rules - Single||
Edge [RyanWolf] Vs. Dolph Ziggler [xXAliXx]

[Kurt Angle and Swagger formed their alliance recently.. Having had to face one another in numerous matches lately, These two men finally are back as a team. One has to think weather they have any kind of bad blood against one another. Tonight these two men face the team of Triple H and AJ Styles. With all these men having faced a loss last Sunday.. None of them have the momentum they need. This Match will prove very important as the winner is able to get some confidence which can go a long way]

||Match Two||
||Normal Elimination Tag - No Disqualifications||
Kurt Angle [W82] & Jack Swagger [GamingLegend]
Triple H [WhackAss] & AJ Styles [Chris7]
[The team of Swagger and Angle come out to be hailed with a mixed reaction. They have a cocky smile of their faces as they wit for their opponents. The Fans then stand up on their feet as the Highflyer, the Phenomenal AJ Styles walks out. The fans cheer him on, But all of a Sudden we see Triple H who comes from the back with a sledge hammer. He attacks AJ Styles and the fans BOO him loud. Everyone looks shocked.. as TRIPLE H has a evil twisted smile on his face. He picks up AJ Styles are throws him accross the wall. AJ Styles seems knocked out as the Medicals try to help him out. Triple h ENDS UP getting him up one more time as he hits the pedigree on the ramp. AJ styles is bleeding like no tomorrow as Triple H is forced out of the arena by the staff as the camera fades and the scene comes to an end]

[Brock Lesnar has been unbeaten ever since he returned, Tonight this monster looks to take on Fandango in a falls count anywhere. Seeing the history of Fandango a man who has Chris Jericho as his mentor.. makes him dangerous. Will Fandango pull of a shocker here tonight by knocking out the Former XWI Champion or will the Monster Brock Lesnar take out yet another man]

||Match Three||
|| Falls Count Anywhere - Single||
Brock Lesnar [xXAliXx] Vs. Fandango [????]


[This match is going to be an interesting one. We got the team of Seth Rollins and Chris Jericho, These two men are schedules to face each other for Rollins title in the near future, also we have the team of Matt Hardy and The Rock... even they both are going to face each other soon for a contender match. With both these unstable teams battling it out.. we are bound to see their egos come in the middle of this] 

||Mid Card Main Event||
||Tornado Tag Team - Tables Elimination Match||
Seth Rollins [Dashing Viper] & Chris Jericho [FearTheViper]
The Rock [Haris619] & Matt Hardy [DylanJames]


[This here tonight is the battle between one of the greatest Champions of the XWI. We got the longest reigning Champions of their respective titles battling here tonight. We have seen Daniel Bryan beat Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes beat Randy Orton as well. What we haven't seen is these three men face one another. This match will be really important as one of these men can prove themselves more superior than the rest of the Champions. For Randy Orton this match is important as after having faced lost by the mid card champions, a win here tonight will give the momentum he desperately needs after being kicked out of the XWI title picture.. For Cody Rhodes iand Daniel Bryan its a chance to certify themselves as a better champion than the other. Its a chance to once again get in the eye of the people which they may have lost with the loss of their titles. For whoever may win, Tonight will be an important match for these former champions]

||Match Five||
||Extreme Rules - Triple Threat||
Randy Orton [RyanWolf] Vs. Cody Rhodes [Invader-X] Vs. Daniel Bryan [FearTheViper]

[Tonight's next match is a REMATCH.. Both ROMAN Reigns and Jeff Hardy came to the finals of King of Extreme.. and this sunday both of them got the big victory to win their titles respectively. Tonight is a Champion vs Champion match as both these men look to battle the other and prove themselves. Tonight they face one another in a Singles NO Disqualifications Match up. Tonight's match will be a test of strength and skill. Both these men have the momentum they need after the title win.]

||Match Six||
||Singles - No Disqualifications||
Roman Reigns [DylanJames] Vs. Jeff Hardy [Invader X]

*The crowd is confused when some new music plays throughout the titantron and it’s pretty silent.*
Michael Cole: What is this Jerry? I really am confused here.
Jerry Lawler: I don’t know, we weren't expecting a debut tonight?
Michael Cole: Just do me a favor and hush for me while we see who this is.
*At 0:17 seconds of the song, 3 men run out onto the stage dancing. They all have pink shirts on that read “Dojobros” as they continue to dance. The camera can now make out the 3 men, and it looks to be indy stars Roderick Strong, Eddie Edwards, and Adam Cole. They stop dancing when they reach the ring as they all enter the ring. They each have big smirks on their faces and mics in each hand. The crowd began to laugh and cheer for them once they saw their goofiness. Their music begins to fade as Strong raises a mic to his face.*
Roderick Strong: Hit your DVR buttons now, open up your recording software on your computer and start recording the stream for all you illegal people out there, because you’re all about to witness something of great magnitude.
Eddie Edwards: That’s right. If you don’t know who we are, you clearly aren't very educated on the sport of wrestling, and I’m talking to you XWI fans.
*The crowd boos and all three of them just laugh and high five each other. Adam Cole steps up and raises his mic.*
Adam Cole: My name is Adam Cole, and the two men behind me are Roderick Strong and Eddie Edwards.  We’re not here to wrestle, we’re not here to start any kind of commotion.
Eddie Edwards: Correct. We are here only to entertain; you can almost call us your ambassadors.
Roderick Strong: Also correct, Eddie! You see, we took a pleasing to this company when we've been watching it week after week. We see a lot of talent is here, but you can never spit the word talent without mentioning the Dojo Bros!
Eddie Edwards: Who’s the biggest name here, the Rock?
Adam Cole: Nah, he’s on and off making movies.
*The crowd laughs and Cole throws up a thumbs up.*
Roderick Strong: Hmmmm, is it Randy Orton?
Adam Cole: Nah, he’s probably suspended for violating the wellness policy by now.
*The crowd let’s off an “Ohhhhh!” and they all laugh and high five each other in the ring.*
Roderick Strong: And how about chicks? Are there any divas here?!
Adam Cole: No dude! It’s a complete sausage fest!
Eddie Edwards: What the hell, man! I’m starting to question why we’re here!
Adam Cole: I agree. Either way, you’re going to be seeing a lot more of us to comment on how we feel about the current events in the XWI. Count on that one.

*Their music hits again and the crowd cheers as they dance out of the ring. They walk up the ramp together and taunt one last time as the scene fades to black.*


[Tonight's main event shall determine the new Number one Contender for the Hardcore title. Tonight's match involves Rey Mysterio.. a man who walks in after a good victory this Sunday, Batista another man who came as the victor by beating Fandango, Kane.. this monster may not have won his match but he has been on a rampage ever since he stepped foot in the XWI. Kane has the experience factor and last but not the least we got Dolph Ziggler. Now Ziggler already had a match so he won't be all that fresh but seeing his history.. Dolph Ziggler is a former XWI Champion so he has the experience of being in high pressure situation. One of these men shall go on to face Roman Reigns in the next Pay Per View.. Stay tuned as in just moments we shall see the new contender]

||Main Event||
||Fatal Four Way - Ladder Match||
||#1 Contender To Hardcore Championship||
Rey Mysterio [ReyMysterio] Vs. Batista [Waqas] Vs. Kane [GamingLegend] Vs. Winner of Match 1


OCC : I am sorry for the major delay guys.. I had my last year of colg and me and Invader have been busy traveling.. Won't happen again. 


-FearTheViper- Owner Of XWI-

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PostSubject: Re: XWI- Specia Show Results    Sun Jun 23, 2013 5:34 am

Awesome Results !!! Congratz to All winners
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PostSubject: Re: XWI- Specia Show Results    Sun Jun 23, 2013 9:23 am

YESS YESS YESS Huge win.. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: XWI- Specia Show Results    Sun Jun 23, 2013 11:36 am

Sweet results. Got myself a win.
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PostSubject: Re: XWI- Specia Show Results    Sun Jun 23, 2013 1:39 pm

Love the reults and how they went for the most part lol it was a perfect show and some interesting wins. can't wait for the backlash of it going into the next show
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PostSubject: Re: XWI- Specia Show Results    Mon Jun 24, 2013 2:31 am

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XWI- Specia Show Results
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