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 I Will Not Stop

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PostSubject: I Will Not Stop   Sun Jun 23, 2013 11:12 pm

[After the Special Show, Randy Orton is seen outside in the parking lot pacing back and forth and talking to himself as the cameraman walks over to him. Once he approaches him, Orton doesn't even acknowledge his presence and continues to talk to himself and pace. Then suddenly in one swift movement he lunges at the camera and grabs it with his hands on both sides of the lens and gets his face right up in it]

"Now that, THAT is what I'm talking about. I may have lost to Jeff Hardy at Incineration but every other champion lost their titles as well and tonight I beat both of them and proved I'm the most deserving man here in XWI yet now undeserving punks like Matt Hardy and The Rock get their chance at the title that should be around my waist right now and that's just a slap in my face more than anything. Matt Hardy is a little bitch who we all know in the situation of having to face his brother, whether it's for the XWI World Championship or not he won;t be able to step up to the plate and go against his baby brother and risk hurting him. And all these guys around here like to talk about people like myself and Edge and others being washed up or old but the most washed up guy around here is The Rock and he's more of a jabroni these days than anyone in this business, even Michael Cole. The once "Great One" has chosen children movies and bad action films over doing what he was born to do and now he wants to have one more run at a world championship and have that one last match but I'm far from that one last match, because I have many of those big matches left in my future and if The Rock wants that match then he better hope he wins the XWI Championship because I'll be right there behind him ready to give him the match of a lifetime. Rock, Matt, enjoy being in the title picture while you can and make sure you don;t screw up because if you do and you fail I'll be right there to take over and leave lying in the dirt because I will not stop until I reclaim what is rightfully mine and I will not stop until I have my revenge on Jeff Hardy!"

[He shoves the camera aside as the cameraman falls on the ground and the view of Randy Orton's feet walking away is the last thing seen before the camera fades to black]

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I Will Not Stop
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