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Results will be up by Sunday !! !

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 XWI - Special Show Results

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PostSubject: XWI - Special Show Results   Wed Jul 03, 2013 4:16 pm

Live on 29th June 2013

Opening Match
Extreme Rules - Singles
Cody Rhodes [RyanWolf] Vs. Jack Swagger [Gaming Legend]
[Here we have Jack Swagger taking on a former Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes. Rhodes now look to make a new start after losing his match]

Match 2
Submission Match - Singles
Kurt Angle [W83] Vs. Daniel Bryan [feartheviper]
[This is a match os who is a better submission specialist.. we got an Olympic winner and wrestling Legend Kurt Angle tap people in the past decade with the Ankle Lock now face a future Legend Daniel Bryan who has tapped out many superstars in his short career in the XWI]

[The Match comes to an end.. as Daniel Bryan celebrates his victory. Meanwhile Kurt Angle gets on his feet. The two men then walk closer to another as they face off but soon as Bryan is hit from behind with a chop block to the knee by none other than Jack Swagger, both men begins to throw punches at the fallen Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan still tries to fight back but just when it seems as though he's about to gain the upper hand out of no where Swagger hits him with a Low Blow. He then tells Kurt to get 2 Chairs from under the ring... He hits Daniel with a DDT and then picks up one of the chairs as Kurt holds the other... The both of them awaits Bryan to get to his knees but before he could do that the sound system begins playing Cody Rhodes theme song. Cody Comes running down the ramp and sliding into the ring. He begins attack Kurt but Kurt gets the upperhand and puts him in a full nelson. Swagger sees this as an Oppertunity and goes to hit Cody with the Chair but Cody ducks under the swing of the chair and Swagger connects with Kurts forehead and he falls to the floor in pain as he is busted open. Swagger turns around and he eats a huge Disaster Kick. Both Swagger and Kurt exit the ring as Cody looks on before turning his attention to Daniel Bryan who appears to be getting to his feet. Bryan looks at Rhodes with confusion as Rhodes look at him. Bryan extends his hands as a sign of gratitude but Cody Rhodes turns around and exits the ring leaving Bryan and everyone in confusion.]

Match 3
Tables Match - Singles
Batista [Waqas] & Brock Lesnar [Ali]

[This is a match which will be a test of Strength.. We got two monsters.. The Animal batista and The Monster Brock Lesnar. Both these men have dominated their superstars with their strength and their sheer size. Tonight we will see both these monsters face one another in a Tables Match] 

[We return from the commercial and we see Brock Lesnar and Batista giving it all they have got. Both these men huge stars.. Former MMA Fighters.. Giving it all in the Tables match. Both these men look worn out.. As Brock Lesnar and Batista throw punches at one another giving it all they have got.. This match doesn't seem to end.. but all of a Sudden.. we See someone from the crowd who just jumps over the barracade and slides in the ring. The Man quickly goes after Brock Lesnar as he hits a Belly to Belly slam on Brock Lesnar throwing him straight through the table. Batista looks shocked.. and the man quickly charges towards Batista as he knocks him down. The fans BOO loud and the camera focuses on his face as it is none other than Ken Shamrock.. Another former MMA Fighter.. Things seem to be totally out of control as Brock lesnar and Batista are out as Ken Shamrock enjoys the shower of BOO's as the camera fades]

Match 5
Falls Count Anywhere - Singles
Rey Mysterio [Rey] & Randy Orton [Ryan]

[Randy Orton last week delivered a huge impact by beating the two former Champions.. We have the Pay Per View of Money In the Bank coming soon and this will be a great way for Mysterio to make an impact if he manages to take down a Former XWI champion. Both these men need a momentum and this match can provide that]

Match 6 

No Disqualifications - Tag Team 

Roman Reigns [DylanJames] & Seth Rollins [Rachit]

Vs. Kane [Gaming Legend] & Chris Jericho [Feartheviper]

[Here is the team of Hardcore Champion and Intercontinental Champion against their contenders in a tag team match. This will definitely be the most controversial match of the show]

Match 7
Ladder Match - Singles Match
||#1 Contender To XWI Championship||

The Rock [Invader X] Vs. Matt Hardy [DJ] 

[Rock and Matt Hardy have been named by Shane as the possible contenders for Jeff's title. Tonight one of these two men will face Jeff Hardy in the next Pay Per View. They face each other in a Ladder's Match... As we all know the next Pay Per View shall feature Ladders. With Matt Hardy having the advantage with the experience factor in this match. Will Rock break the odds and come out the victor or will Matt Hardy take down the PEOPLE'S Champion and face his Brother for the Title]

[Halfway through the match.. As Rock and matt Hardy battle with all they have, Out of no where we have Jeff Hardy run down to the ring. He slides in and just Blindside The Rock with a Steel Chair to the back of the head. The Bell begins to ring and Matt Hardy doesn't look happy that his Brother just cost him a Chance to become #1 Contender to the XWI King of Extreme... Just then Jeff Takes the Chair and drops it on the floor and turns around making it seem as though he is about to leave but suddenly turns around and kicks Matt in the stomach and hits him with a Huge Twist of Fate onto the Steel Chair! Jeff Hardy gets up and is smiling but before he could leave the ring the Theme song of Shane McMahon begins to play over the sound system...]

Michael Cole : What the hell, did just happen
Jerry Lawler : Jeff Hardy just cost Matt a title shot.. and Now we have Shane McMohan.. here

[We have Shane who comes out.. with his tuxedo and his italian shoes... He walks in with a mic in his hands and he doesn't seem happy ]

Jeff, you were originally suppose to face one of the two men in this match but since Interference is prohibited.. and you took matter into your own hands you'll face both these men in a match where the King of Extreme will have to littler climb to the top of the food chain and claim the riches prize if he intends on staying their. You'll be competing in a Triple Threat TABLES LADDERS AND CHAIRS match!

[The fans Cheer loud as Jeff doesn't seem happy... while the two men on the mat have a smile on their face as they hold their heads and get back to their feet as the camera fades]

Main Event
Extreme Rules - Triple Threat
Triple H [Waqas]] Vs. Jeff Hardy [Invader-X] Vs. Dolph Ziggler [Ali]

[This match involves former Corporation team mates Ziggler Triple H and XWI Champion Jeff Hardy. Triple H and Ziggler have had their share of issues.. With Ziggler being a former XWI champion.. Jeff Hardy seems in a rather unlikely situation.] 

[As the match comes to an end.. Triple H doesn't seem happy. We see Triple H who slides in as Dolph has a cocky smile on his face. The two men start to argue as the XWI Champion Jeff Hardy smiles out.. as the Staff member gives him his title. Jeff Raises the title in the air with one hand.. with the other holding his head. He has a cocky smile, but Dolph Ziggler and Triple H don't seem to notice as the refrees keep them apart as the camera fades and the scene comes to an end.]



-FearTheViper- Owner Of XWI-

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PostSubject: Re: XWI - Special Show Results   Thu Jul 04, 2013 1:22 am

Pretty good special show lots of twists
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PostSubject: Re: XWI - Special Show Results   Thu Jul 04, 2013 12:11 pm

Alright, solid show I suppose.
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PostSubject: Re: XWI - Special Show Results   Thu Jul 04, 2013 4:47 pm

Nice Show i like where the Brock Lesnar Ken Shamrock Storyline is heading
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PostSubject: Re: XWI - Special Show Results   Fri Jul 05, 2013 2:54 am

Batista didnt get a match lol
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PostSubject: Re: XWI - Special Show Results   Fri Jul 05, 2013 9:21 am

Whack Ass wrote:
Batista didnt get a match lol
He was wearing his MMA attire -_-


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PostSubject: Re: XWI - Special Show Results   

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XWI - Special Show Results
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