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 A New Face - The Other Side of Me!

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PostSubject: A New Face - The Other Side of Me!   Sat Jul 06, 2013 11:51 pm

The Camera fades into the Xtreme Wrestling Impact Open Arena to a packed Arena, The Commentators welcome us to another fantastic day for Promos and segments from the superstars are the fans are getting to there seats. As the camera roams around the arena we see a Sign that says "Welcome To Met Life Stadium." The camera then goes to the stage where we see a burst of pyrotechnics around the titan-tron and stage. The fans are cheering and murmuring as they await the arrival of the first superstar to come and address them for the night. The crowd begins to quite down as no one is seen coming out from behind the curtain, before we know it the silence is broken by the theme song of none other than The Dashing One himself Cody Rhodes!

The fans immediately jumps to there feet in amusement as the theme song of Cody Rhodes begin to play over the sound system. Cody Rhodes comes walking out from behind the curtain with his custom black and white jacket as he looks on at the fans standing on the feet giving off mixed reactions. Before Cody Rhodes could begin his descend down the ramp he stops and signals for a microphone to which he receives and raises to it to speak.

||Cody Rhodes - The Other Side Of Me||
It's been a while...

Cody Rhodes pauses and takes a few steps down the ramp before raising the microphone to speak again.

||Cody Rhodes - The Other Side Of Me||
It's been a while since I've graced you all with my glorious presence, however it's perfectly understandable seeing as to how my career has altered since I started working here in Xtreme Wrestling Impact. I went from not only destroying a legend in Booker T but I also embarrassed him to a point in which there was absolutely no return. The same went for JBL and countless others as I left nothing but a path of destruction on my way to the Xtreme Wrestling Impact Intercontinental Championship.

Cody Rhodes then pauses again as he looks at the people standing behind the barricades before continuing to walk slowly down the ramp while speaking.

||Cody Rhodes - The Other Side Of Me||
That was until, I came across something to which I believe is more powerful than any Championship this company or any professional wrestling company has to offer to date. Something to which every superstar wants and needs but is afraid to take the opportunity towards the betterment of their respected Career.

Cody Rhodes stops speaking as he reaches the end of the ramp before walking towards the steel ring steps and climbing them to enter the ring. He then proceeds to pace around as he continues to speak.

||Cody Rhodes - The Other Side Of Me||
At this point in my career I could use nothing more than betterment for my career, at this point in my career I could use nothing more than...

Cody Rhodes grabs the top of his hood as he slowly pulls it back revealing he's wearing a see through mask, he then removes the hood and is standing in the ring looking at the fans before continuing.

||Cody Rhodes - The Other Side Of Me||

The crowd interrupted Cody Rhodes with a tremendous amount of murmuring as he awaits them to calm down he raises to microphone to speak.

||Cody Rhodes - The Other Side Of Me||
Protection from the lies and deceit this company, and any company for that matter has brought to me. Protection from the hatred and cheers that has done nothing more than cloud my judgement, it has done nothing more than make me second guess myself as I compete in this ring. Protection from... You, and all the people that has not stay true to themselves, all the people who have changed because you wanted them to, all the people who was driven over the Edge! But that won't happen to Cody Rhodes, No... Because Cody Rhodes has done nothing but stay true to himself, because Cody Rhodes is not only dashing, but he's also the future that this company needs and depends on, Cody Rhodes is the pride and glory of Friday Night Frenz...

Cody Rhodes is interrupted by the theme song of ------------------

TBC: Kurt Angle, Jack Swagger, and Daniel Bryan (after they reply)


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A New Face - The Other Side of Me!
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