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 An Opponent from my Past

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PostSubject: An Opponent from my Past   Sun Jul 07, 2013 5:27 am

The Scene opens as Josh Mathews is seen standing backstage with a mic in his hand ..he begins to speak.

Josh Matthews : Ladies and Gentlemen my Guest at this time ...Brock Lesnar!!.

The camera Zooms out as Brock is seen standing ..cheers are heard in the crowd.

Josh Matthews:Brock This Friday you go one on one with a man your really familiar with ..a man that you have battled with a lot of times ..a man that pushes you to the limit everytime you step into the ring with ..hes wrestling first olympic Gold Medalist ..Kurt Angle ..Your Taughts?

He Raises the Mic towards Brock as Brock Replies

You see Josh ..Kurt is a man i respect a lot ..hes an inspiration to every athelete who wants to be a part of this business ..hes special ...and if Kurt is your Role Model thats good ..cause everyone wants to be like Kurt but not me.

You see this Friday will be no different to every other day Brock Lesnar is in the Ring ..your gonna watch two world class atheletes Lock Horns ..fight till one of them cant barely stand ..and i assure you Josh i will be standing ..i will stand ..as Kurt will be unconsious ..Knocked out ..he wont even know what hit him..but then hes gonna wake up in the ambulence ..and ask what happened ? and the Doctor is gonna say ..Brock Lesnar Kicked Your Ass..That is All.

Brock Lesnar Leaves as the Scene Goes to commercial.


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An Opponent from my Past
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