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 Playing the Game Better

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PostSubject: Playing the Game Better   Sun Jul 07, 2013 6:15 am

Dolph Zigglers theme song hits the arena and The Crowd Burts into Boos 

Dolph Ziggler is seen coming Threw the curtain,he Stands on the Ramp Turns around with a cocky smile on his face and does his signature Taunt..He Then Turns and Starts Walking Down the Ramp as The Crowd keeps booing him he doesnt seem to care but Feeds all the energy in the process,He then gets near the ring,Climbs the Right side of the ring goes towards the Ropes..He goes half in and then comes half Out Looking at the crowd ...He then enters the ring ...A near by crew member gives him the Mic as he begins to speak.

Dolph Ziggler

Last Night on the Special Show in The Main event you all saw Dolph Ziggler defeating not one but two XWI Supertars ..I proved why im the best in this Damn Business i backed my Claims up ..I Defeated Triple H and The King of Extreme Champion Jeff Hardy ..and now i have Pinned Jeff Hardy for the 2nd time since my Return.

I am on a Fricking Role and what do i get? Nothing ..i just Wish Tej was here ..he would have given me a title shot right away but now theres politics involved.But Anyways Triple H once again i proved to you why im the better man...i was better than you in the Corporation ..and i was better than you Last night ..you just cant the big ones anymore can you?

So i want you to come out here and Apologise ..i want you to show me The respect i deserve ..i want you to come out here and Admit im the better man...I just beat you and Pinned The King of Extreme Champion yet again..why is he even the champ?...but anyways dont keep me waiting Triple H..

As Dolph Says This Triple H theme Hits the arena.


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Whack Ass


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PostSubject: Re: Playing the Game Better   Sun Jul 07, 2013 9:35 am


As the theme music hits the crowd gets on their feet as triple H shows up on the ramp and has a water bottle in his hand. There are posters of triple H everywhere in the crowd.Triple H spits water in the air and then starts walking down the ramp.He climbs the steel steps and moves in the ring.He climbs the turn buckle and spits in the air.He then stands in the middle of the ring and gets a microphone handed to his as he starts to speak.

|| Triple H - The Game ||

So who do we have here?Dolph Ziggler,The luckiest man in this company. Dolph,you might have won on the special show but kid you have a lot to prove.Jeff might be the champion but he is weak,he isn't as dominating as me.You are just an opportunist who waited for a chance to clinch the moment and that's what you did on the special show,your no better then the other guys.

Speaking about corporation,you needed my help there more than i needed yours.I remember you coming to my locker room and saying if anything goes wrong,if i'm about to lose just do something that can turn the tables and i always said,if you need to be at the top you got to work hard not capitalize or seek refuge.But i always came to back you up so boy you are showing off right now because you never back up what you say,i backed you up.

You are just another pathetic scum like the others back there,and you have never faced me one on one because even you know jack that i'll kick your ass so bad you are going to go home and cry to your mamma,you always cried when you lost and complained to tej,you kissed his ass and he gave you shots,but you always failed.You had rematch against randy and you failed,you got a shot again but you failed,You are a FAILURE boy!!

Speaking about not winning the big ones,after being a champion by attacking Brock when have you ever won the title back,Never!! like i said you are an opportunist but also a Failure..I agree i have never won the big picture too but my answer to that is i have not gotten enough chances like you.You are......

HHH gets interrupted by Dolph

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Playing the Game Better
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