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 A Big Mistake

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PostSubject: A Big Mistake   Sun Jul 07, 2013 9:54 am


The silence of the arena is interrupted by the theme song of "The Animal" Batista! Everyone in the arena jumps to there feet in excitement as Batista comes walking out from behind the curtain at a steady pace. Batista walks on the stage back and forth pumping the fans up with his screams before stopping and begin his descend down the ramp. He stops half way and stoops down as he gets into motion and preforms his taunt as pyrotechnics explode in the background to his motions. Batista slowly gets up and stops for a second before punching downwards causing a huge explosion. He then smiles as he walks down the remainder of the ramp giving fans high fives.He then climbs the steel steps and moves in the ring and gets a microphone handed to him as he starts to speak.

On the special show i was busy beating Brock up but,yes there is a but, but ken shamrock interfered and not just attacked Brock but me too.Which is a big mistake,not just big,it's the biggest mistake he has ever done.The Animal has been challenged and the animal will do anything to win it.

I don't care if you have UFC experience ken,even Brock had but he seemed to enjoy the pain i was causing him.I had an almost even match with him but i had the upper hand until you appeared,you attacked Brock but no body cared,but then you attacked me and now what i am gonna do is beat your ass up because that's what i am good at.

The Animal is the best at destroying people and making money.This company gives me both opportunities and that's why i love it here.Tomorrow you are going to feel sorry for yourself Ken because you won't be in a good shape,Frankly nobody has when they faced me .

Batista smirks

Well all i can say to you now is Good Luck because that's the only thing that can save you from me because the Animal is coming for you!!

Batista drops the microphone as his theme music hits and he leaves

End Of Rp
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A Big Mistake
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